Having recently released a split EP with Young English, New York’s Pentimento are going through 2012 with plenty of momentum and its set to continue in the coming months. The band have been working hard with producer Jay Zubricky (Every Time I Die, Kid Gorgeous) at GCR studios in Buffalo, NY on their new full-length which is expected to be released this Autumn.

The latest installment of our regular “If I…” feature sees us catching up with drummer Mike Hansen, who told us what show he could play again, what musician he could play with, his fantasy festival line-up, and more.

If I could re-record one song it would be…
Mike: We had a song on our demo that we put out before the ‘WRECKED’ EP called ‘Lesson Learned’ that I really liked. It was just a really simple punk rock tune that we all had fun playing. I really wish we could revisit that song for a future release.

If I could re-live one tour/show it would be 
Mike: A show we played in Wurzberg, Germany. It was such a beautiful place in many respects. The architecture, the people, the food, and everything else in between. The fact that we even had an opportunity to play there blew my mind, but when we got to the show and had the chance to get on stage, the response from the entire room was something beyond what we could have ever hoped. To see people in a place that’s the furthest away from home that you’ve ever been in your life singing the words to your songs back at you, and having them cheer and ask you to play more after your set is over was the most fulfilling thing that I can imagine as far as being a guy in a band goes. It was like living in a dream.

However, we had a chance to play in our home town of Buffalo, NY right before we left for this European/UK tour this past February which was more of an emotional experience than anything. Seeing 250+ of our friends, old and new, and all the people that we weren’t familiar with signing along and having a good time was like nothing else. Being in the room with so many people who were just as involved in the music as we were in playing it gave me the chills. There were a few points in the evening that I got choked up, and by the end of our set I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house. Something special happened in Mohawk Place that night. It was magic, as cheesy as that may sound, and I’ll never ever forget it.

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If I had the chance to play one venue it would be
Mike: It’s been a personal goal of mine to play at the Town Ballroom in downtown Buffalo, NY. I’m making it my business to play that stage by any means necessary.

If I could play with one band it would be
Mike: AFI

If I could play with any person living or dead it would be
Mike: I’d love to talk drums and jam with Gene Krupa.

If I could bring back any band that have split up, it would be…
Mike: Racing Exit 13. If you’ve never heard them, they’re still on MySpace. Look it up.

If I wasn’t playing music, I would be…
Mike: I can’t really imagine what I’d be doing without playing music. Probably working.

If I could play a different genre, it would be…
Mike: I’ve been lucky enough to have played in so many bands all over the musical spectrum from hardcore to hip-hop and everything in between. I’d have to say though that I never really got involved with death metal too much, and given the opportunity I would love to do blast beats for 3 or 4 minutes and call it a song.

If I could have written any song, it would be…
Mike: ‘The Decline’ by NOFX.

If I could have written any album it would be…
Mike: ‘Exit English’ by Strike Anywhere.

If I could headline any festival, it would be…
Mike: FEST 11.

If I could organise my own festival, the bands playing would be…
Mike: I’d like to bring back some defunct boybands, some nu-metal bands, NWA, shit that everyone thought was awesome at some point. Wouldn’t it be fun to just go to a festival and see tons of bands or artists or whatever that you liked as a kid? Or stuff you HATED as a kid, but somehow you still knew all the words and to this day can’t resist singing along? If I could go to a festival and hear “Break Stuff” (by Limp Bizkit) at 5 o’clock, and “Bye Bye Bye” (by N*Sync) at 6 o’clock, then that my friend would be my definition of awesome.

If I could play any other instrument, it would be…
Mike: The harp. It’s such a gorgeous sounding instrument.

‘Split EP’ by Pentimento/Young English is available now on Panic Records.

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