Slam Dunk 2012
is on its way and here at Already Heard we love Slam Dunk! The line up this year is especially good and it’s hard for us to choose who to watch, from those old favourites to the new bands and rare UK visits that Slam Dunk have lovingly given to us all.

Debates have come to an end and we’ve tried our best to select just 10 bands that we recommend you should see at either the Leeds or Hatfield date of Slam Dunk. Please note that between us we’re fans of pretty much every band on the bill! Unfortunately though we can’t see everyone. Take our advice if you will and have an awesome weekend. See you down the front!

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Their first time in the UK so show them love. Is that not enough? Be welcoming British citizens! Okay okay, here’s more: The band is a side project of Tim Landers from Transit and Brad Wiseman from This Time Next Year. Still need more? Their new album ‘Every Day I Tell Myself I’m Going To Be A Better Person’ was released recently and it’s actually really damn good (I mean, what else did you expect?!) and you can read our exact thoughts on that album here. They’re on early so go and get pumped! (MB)

Where & When: 3:20 (North & South) on the Macbeth Stage.

While She Sleeps
They’ve been busy writing their debut album and have released two songs from it so far which are absolute KILLER and just as heavy as their EP ‘The North Stands For Nothing’ so expect any new songs they play to be all in your face a-BAM! Just like that. Interrupting you whilst you tell your mate abo-BAM! More than rightly fitting into the bill on their stage and a perfect warm up for Cancer Bats. While She Sleeps are gearing themselves up to be one of England’s best heaviest bands. (MB)

Where & When: 6:35 (North)/6:20 (South) on the Honour Over Glory Stage.

Say Anything
It’s been far too long since we’ve seen Max Bemis and company on UK shores but now they’re back with new album ‘Anarchy, My Dear’ and with it they bring their trademark brand of lyrically intriguing pop-rock that has kept fans hooked for years. It’s with this style and long overdue return which makes Say Anything’s slot a must-see. Expect plenty of sing-alongs from the bands outstanding back catalog. (SR)

Where & When: 4:35 (North)/4:50 (South) on the Atticus/Jagermeister Stage.

Having worked long and hard on both sides of the Atlantic, the rewards are finally paying off for Lemington Spa’s SHARKS. Their latest album ‘No Gods’ sees the quartet combining punk rock energy with sensible pop hooks with the end result being a concise, focused record from of the most promising UK bands right now. (SR)

Where & When: 5:00 (North & South) on the Vans Off The Wall stage.

Headlining the Honour Over Glory stage the Brighton band are set to return to the stage with the more metalcore sound they have been known for in the past. Teasing fans with two new songs ‘Alpha Omega’ and ‘These Colours Don’t Run’, both songs sound heavier and more technical than ever and are sure to cause chaos over the weekend. (AW)

Where & When: Leeds: 9:50 (North)/9:35 (South) on the Honour Over Glory Stage

Set Your Goals
Seasoned pros of the pop-punk scene, Set Your Goals will definitely be bringing the positive, happy vibes to the Slam Dunk weekend. Having recently recorded two new songs with Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory fame the songs show how a catchy song should sound. Be warned though during the bands set expect plenty of crowdsurfing and a lot of singalongs. (AW)

Where & When:  7:40 (North & South) on the Vans Off The Wall Stage.

Funeral For A Friend
If you haven’t seen Funeral For A Friend live before, then it is absolutely mandatory to see them at Slam Dunk. They are a band that has had such an influence on the British music scene in the last decade. With five albums under their belt they have a massive repertoire of hits to draw from and always deliver a great show. Whether you’re a purist who’s followed the band from ‘Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation’ or a relative newcomer, this band will welcome you with open arms. (TW)

Where & When:  6:55 (North)/7:10 (South) on the Atticus/Jagermeister Stage.

The Story So Far
Californian pop-punkers The Story So Far are ready to bring the party to Slam Dunk 2012. They are one of the buzz bands of this years’ festival and won’t shy away from all the attention they are currently receiving. Expect lots of great sing along moments and a manic crowd response. (TW)

Where & When:  7:45 (North)/8:50 (South) on the Macbeth Stage.

Neil Starr
Attack! Attack’s! Neil Starr is playing midway up the Punktastic stage along side acts such as Into It Over It and Charlie Simpson. Neil and Gavin Butler (The Blackout) recorded a split acoustic album self-released in February. And has toured the UK once already with another 5 dates planed for June. Neil’s acoustic material is more stripped down from his work in Attack! Attack! and features a lot more varied instrumentation featuring pianos and strings. We recommend checking out his split EP here before catching Neil at Slam Dunk. (JH)

Where & When:  6:20 (North)/5:20 (South) on the Punktastic Stage.

After Slam Dunk 2011 there is a distinct lack of ska bands this year. If you get a chance to catch one of them make sure it’s Capdown. Returning from hiatus (again) to play Slam Dunk 2012, the Milton Keynes ‘Skacore’ outfit never failed to impress and with no new album to promote, you’re in for the hits such as ‘Cousin Cleotis’ and ‘Bitches and Nike Shoes.’ (JH)

Where & When:  8:50 (North & South) on the Vans Off The Wall Stage.

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Words by Michael Brown (MB), Sean Reid (SR), Aaron Wilson (AW), Tom White (TW) and Joe Hurst (JH).

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