Feature: Something For The Weekend (17/8/2012)

Hello, and welcome to round 7 of Something For The Weekend. I’ve spent most of this week at one of the South’s best fringe festivals, so I thought that we’d tailor this edition to some of the UK’s unrecognised acoustic talent. This includes punk troubador Adam Bennett, the Bomb The Music Industry of UK folk-punk – Bandit The Panther and the general loveliness of Julie Hark.

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Adam Bennett
For Fans Of: Frank Turner, Ben Marwood, and Billy Bragg.

Hailing from Brighton, Adam Bennett is a perfect example of punky anti-folk. Honest lyrics, simple guitar work and a strong DIY ethic is all part of Adam’s charm. With his most recent EP dropping during the tail end of 2011, I hope that he’ll book some studio time soon and record new material for 2013. Let him sleep on your floor and play you songs – It’s better than anything they’re going to put on TV, that’s for sure.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>A Few Ideas by Adam Bennett</a>

Adam Bennett on Facebook and Bandcamp.

Bandit The Panther
For Fans Of: Bomb The Music Industry!, (Acoustic/Mellow) End Of A Year Self Defence Family and general folky weirdness.

Bandit The Panther are an odd bunch. At its core, Bandit is simply Joe Sullivan and whichever musicians are available at the time to record and play live. This set up lends itself well to Bandit’s chaotic and ramshackle sound which is a breath of fresh air when so many so called ‘Acoustic/folk punk’ is basically a standard acoustic singer with a snarl.

Joe often puts on shows at the White Lion in Streatham so keep an eye on the listings to catch whatever incarnation of Bandit are playing next!

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Winter In London by Bandit The Panther</a>

Bandit The Panther on Facebook and Bandcamp.

Julie Hawk
For Fans Of: The National, and Lisa Hanigan.

Mellow, haunting and mesmerising have all been used to describe Julie Hawks music. This is the sound of an Irish multi-instrumentalist trying to make her way in the London DIY folk scene. Whilst we normally feature music made for sweaty venues, this is definitely one for smokey jazz bars and small, tucked away gardens. If you live around London, don’t miss the chance to catch Julie before it’s too late.

Julie Hawk on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.


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