It maybe almost September but it finally feels like summer. This is reflected in this weeks choices – we’ve got the the loop pedal guru Cherishport, the brooding Noyo Mathis and the delightful Signals. Being 2012, summer has become synonymous with the Olympics. Whilst sport ranks pretty low on my interest scale, it’s been great to see the Olympics organisers booking such talent as The Skints, Great Cynics and Goodbye Stereo to play the village during the events. In a time when it would have been easy to simply mount speakers on poles and blast the newest X Factor single to the millions, you’ve got to respect the team for championing the UK scene before the entire world. 

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For Fans of: Bon Iver, Thrice and Natives.
Southampton seems to be a breeding ground for new talent recently. After forming in 2010, Signals finally released the ‘Square Wheels’ EP – five tracks of slightly etheral indie with multiple nods to the post rock and math rock which influence them. Frontwomen Ellie Price has one of the smoothest female voices I’ve heard from this area in years whilst the band manages to channel the vibe of Bon Iver whilst staying original enough to avoid becoming cliche. To put it simply, they’re lovely. Check them out.

<a href=”” data-mce-href=””>Square Wheels EP by Signals.</a>

Signals on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, Tumblr and Soundcloud.

Noyo Mathis
For Fans Of: Cycle Schmeichel and Cheap Girls.
Noyo Mathis are a strange bunch. Their debut EP – released on Portsmouth’s Animal Defence Records – merges atmospheric rock, post rock and emo with Reuben-meets-Cheap Girls vocals. This could easily become a confusing or self indulgent mess but it’s to the bands credit (and sure a representation of the individuals musical skills) that nothing sounds out of place making ‘Tethers’ a lean, perfectly formed EP.

<a href=”” data-mce-href=””>Tethers by Noyo Mathis</a>

Noyo Mathis on Facebook and Bandcamp.

For Fans Of: Newton Faulkner and John Mayer,
If you had no knowledge of Cherishport prior to listening to him then you wouldn’t be mocked for thinking that this music was made by – at least – a trio. Surprisingly though Cherishport is simply one guy – Chris Williams – and a ridiculously well used loop pedal. Chris loops intricate guitar lines with beatbox’d percussion sections to create a sound which is instinctively ‘Cherishport’, a feat which is hard to achieve in the UK’s over saturated acoustic scene. Truly exciting, summery stuff.

Cherishport on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Words by Richard Heaven (@RichardHeaven)

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