Welcome to the first in a new run of weekly features for Already Heard highlighting the best bands operating under the radar.

Something For The Weekend gives exposure to three new – and sometimes not so new – artists you may not have heard of before and are offering their music for free through Bandcamp.

Why ‘Something For The Weekend’? Lets face it, when else in the week can you find two days free to discover your new favourite band!

If you would like to suggest a band for ‘Something For The Weekend’ contact


For Fans Of: Nai Harvest, For This World Is Hollow And These Hands Have Touched The Sky

Plaids play a brand of Dischord-esque punk which seems to be rather popular at the moment with both Little Ease and Bird Calls enjoying the sounds current popularity. Featuring members of What Price, Wonderland? and Sneinton, Plaids’ split with City Dweller should please any emo fan.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Four Songs : Demo Spring 2012 by Plaids</a>

Plaids on Bandcamp, Tumblr and Facebook.


For Fans Of: Algernon Cadwaller, What Price, Wonderland?

As it stands Valys only have their debut four track EP ‘Compass’ on their bandcamp page but what a stunning EP it is. ‘Compass’ is four tracks of alternative rock which swings between emo and heavier pop punk yet remains strange coherent. Even better then that is that it’s still free to download. Spiffing.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Compass by Valys</a>

Valys on Facebook, Tumblr and Bandcamp.

Squints Palledorous

For Fans Of: Touche Amore and Manbearpig

Squints Palledorous are a relatively new band playing a mixture of emo and post hardcore. Not much has been committed to tape yet but the one track demo ‘We Play On A Real Diamond, Porter’ shows some brilliant potential. The live set is roughly recorded and a little loose but it serves to showcase the bands songs – with a bit of time and some decent production these could be the start of a very promising album. These guys are definitely worth watching.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Demos ’12 by Squints Palledorous</a>

Squints Palledorous on Facebook and Bandcamp.

Words by Richard Heaven.

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