Whilst the UK festival season has already begun, this weekend it’s Europe’s turn as the punk, hardcore and emo juggernaut that is Groezrock takes place.

Attracting fans from all over Europe, Groezrock is one of the highlights of the festival calendar, focusing solely on punk, hardcore and emo. This year’s line-up is one of the strongest the organisers have ever curated, and recommending just 10 acts was damn near impossible. Still, the following 10 deserve your attention more than most…

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As Friends Rust
Gainesville’s finest melodic hardcore merchants are semi-dormant these days, but the chance to catch them hit the stage once more is just too big a draw to ignore. Intense and passionate but with a penchant for dark gallows humour and delivering biting social commentary, their catalogue may be short (just one full-length and a handful of EPs and split singles) yet they remain pretty much peerless. I’ll see you down the front. (RM)

Where and When: Satuday May 2nd on the Back To Basics stage at 21:55.

Atreyu are well and truly back! Returning to their roots, the Orange County mob have the riffs, the screams and the melody that will take you back to your teenage years. The first single since returning, ‘So Others May Live’, is bad ass. If this is anything to go by, the as yet untitled sixth album is going to be one of the best yet! (CAP)

Where and When: Friday May 1st on the Monster Energy stage at 18:35.

Bane seem to have been on a permanent lap of honour for the last 12 months, soaking up the adulation one last time. That their final full-length, ‘Don’t Wait Up’ was met with critical acclaim proves the fire’s still burning strong for the Massachusetts hardcore heroes, and their set promises to be carnage. Indeed, if there’s no human pyramid for ‘Can We Start Again’, I’ll be going home disappointed. (RM)

Where and When: Saturday May 2nd on the Revenge Stage at 19:50.

Beach Slang
They may be one of the most hyped bands around at the moment, but for once the buzz is fully justified. Just 2 EPs into their career, Beach Slang display a battered, world weariness yet combine it with heart on sleeve anthems reminiscent of the golden age of US college rock. Making their first trip over to Europe, they’re not to be missed. (RM)

Where and When: Friday May 1st on the Revenge Stage at 12:25.

The Hotelier
After dropping one of the finest records in years with ‘Home, Like Noplace Is There’, The Hotelier are a big deal and a big draw. Now, with their debut full-length (originally released under the name The Hotel Year) getting a long-overdue re-release they’re hitting Europe for the first time, and I fully expect their set to be a full-on riot of finger-pointing, fist-pumping and chest beating. Oh, and lots of HUGE sing-alongs. (RM)

Where and When: Friday May 1st on the Revenge Stage at 14:40.

Home, Like Noplace Is There by The Hotelier
Joyce Manor
Given the honour of opening the festival, Joyce Manor’s 2-minute pop-punk blasts are the perfect way to start proceedings. Riding high on the success of ‘Never Hungover Again’ expect plenty of off-kilter buzzsaw anthems that will rouse even the most comatose from their inebriated slumber. (RM)

Where and When: Friday May 1st on the Monster Energy stage at 12:00.

Millencolin are back with their first new album in 8 years and are as hungry and focused as ever. Of course, they’re one of continental Europe’s biggest punk exports, so their main stage slot just beneath headliners Refused promises to be one long mass sing-along – but having spent the last 8 years playing festivals all over the world they’ll no doubt be one of the most polished and entertaining acts of the weekend. (RM)

Where and When: Satuday May 2nd on the Monster Energy stage at 22:45.

If you were lucky enough to catch Mineral on their February UK tour, you’ll know the Texan emo heroes are a phenomenal live proposition. They may not be the typical Groezrock band, but if you expect Mineral to be as delicate and fragile as they are on record you’ll be in for a real shock as the intensity with which they ploughed through material from ‘The Power of Failing’ and ‘EndSerenading’ was incredible. Miss at your peril… (RM)

Where and When: Friday May 1st on the Revenge Stage at 21:10

The Smith Street Band
Aussie heroes The Smith Street Band are back again at Groez after last year’s main stage triumph. The perfect festival band, expect monolithic sing-alongs, some good ol’ fashioned Aussie banter and plenty of energy. Hugely likeable and wonderfully infectious they’re sure to leave with more friends than they arrived with – and I’m sure they’ll be absolutely fine with that. (RM)

Where and When: Friday May 1st on the Revenge Stage at 17:10.

You Blew It!
You Blew It! simply don’t stop and, after putting in some real graft over the last 18 months – which has seen them release the excellent ‘Keep Doing What You’re Doing’ and two equally superb EPs and tour constantly in between, they’ll celebrate by headlining the Macbeth/Blackstar stage. Brilliant in a live setting, they’re the fun time emo revivalists it’s simply impossible to dislike. They might even treat us to a Weezer cover if we’re lucky… (Rob Mair)

Where and When: Saturday May 2nd on the Macbeth/Blackstar Stage at 22:15.

Friday May 1st

Monster Energy Stage
Social Distortion 00:15-01:30 (1:15)
Pennywise 22:45-23:45 (1:00)
Lagwagon 21:15-22:15 (1:00)
Broilers 19:55-20:45 (0:50)
Atreyu 18:35-19:25 (0:50)
Motion City Soundtrack 17:20-18:05 (0:45)
Against Me! 16:10-16:55 (0:45)
The Dwarves 15:05-15:45 (0:40)
Masked Intruder 14:00-14:40 (0:40)
The Swellers 13:00-13:35 (0:35)
Joyce Manor 12:00-12:35 (0:35)

Impericon Stage
The Ghost Inside 20:45-21:30 (0:45)
Suicide Silence 19:25-20:10 (0:45)
Emmure 18:05-18:50 (0:45)
Stick To Your Guns 16:55-17:35 (0:40)
While She Sleeps 15:45-16:25 (0:40)
Whitechapel 14:40-15:20 (0:40)
Carnifex 13:35-14:10 (0:35)
Set Things Right 12:35-13:10 (0:35)

Back To Basics Stage
Trash Talk 21:55-22:40 (0:45)
Ceremony 20:30-21:10 (0:40)
Iron Reagan 19:10-19:50 (0:40)
Cancer Bats 17:50-18:30 (0:40)
Cold World 16:30-17:10 (0:40)
Set It Off 15:15-15:50 (0:35)
Toxic Shock 14:05-14:40 (0:35)
Brutus 12:55-13:30 (0:35)

The Revenge Stage
Title Fight 22:40-23:30 (0:50)
Mineral 21:10-21:55 (0:45)
Knapsack 19:50-20:30 (0:40)
Transit 18:30-19:10 (0:40)
The Smith Street Band 17:10-17:50 (0:40)
Frnkiero andthe Cellabration 15:50-16:30 (0:40)
The Hotelier 14:40-15:15 (0:35)
Gnarwolves 13:30-14:05 (0:35)
Beach Slang 12:25-12:55 (0:30)

Obey The Brave 22:15-22:55 (0:40)
Feed The Rhino 20:45-21:25 (0:40)
The Hell 19:25-20:00 (0:35)
Under The Influence 18:05-18:40 (0:35)
You May Kiss The Bride 16:55-17:25 (0:30)
Not On Tour 15:45-16:15 (0:30)
Black Sheep 14:40-15:10 (0:30)
Wolves Scream 13:35-14:05 (0:30)
Jarhead 12:35-13:05 (0:30)

Saturday May 2nd

Monster Energy Stage
Refused 00:15-01:30 (1:15)
Millencolin 22:45-23:45 (1:00)
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones 21:15-22:15 (1:00)
Satanic Surfers 19:55-20:45 (0:50)
Good Riddance 18:35-19:25 (0:50)
The Loved Ones 17:20-18:05 (0:45)
Frenzal Rhomb 16:10-16:55 (0:45)
Teenage Bottlerocket 15:05-15:45 (0:40)
Off with Their Heads 14:00-14:40 (0:40)
The Real McKenzies 13:00-13:35 (0:35)
Love Zombies 12:00-12:35 (0:35)

Impericon Stage
Agnostic Front 22:15-23:05 (0:50)
Comeback Kid 20:45-21:30 (0:45)
Throwdown 19:25-20:10 (0:45)
Raised Fist 18:05-18:50 (0:45)
Psycho 44 16:55-17:35 (0:40)
Turbowolf 15:45-16:25 (0:40)
No Turning Back 14:40-15:20 (0:40)
Nasty 13:35-14:10 (0:35)
The Interrupters 12:35-13:10 (0:35)

Back To Basics Stage
American Nightmare 23:30-00:20 (0:50)
As Friends Rust 21:55-22:40 (0:45)
Off! 20:30-21:10 (0:40)
Such Gold 19:10-19:50 (0:40)
Banner Pilot 17:50-18:30 (0:40)
Counterpunch 16:30-17:10 (0:40)
Turnstile 15:15-15:50 (0:35)
Your Highness 14:05-14:40 (0:35)
F.O.D. 12:55-13:30 (0:35)

The Revenge Stage
Make Do And Mend 22:40-23:30 (0:50)
Basement 21:10-21:55 (0:45)
Bane 19:50-20:30 (0:40)
Obliterations 18:30-19:10 (0:40)
Reign Supreme 17:10-17:50 (0:40)
The Early November 15:50-16:30 (0:40)
Direct Hit! 14:40-15:15 (0:35)
Timeshares 13:30-14:05 (0:35)
The Holy Mess 12:25-12:55 (0:30)

You Blew It! 22:15-22:55 (0:40)
Forus 20:45-21:25 (0:40)
The Deaf 19:25-20:05 (0:40)
Call It Off 18:05-18:40 (0:35)
Ducking Punches 16:55-17:25 (0:30)
Tiger Bell 15:45-16:15 (0:30)
Kill the President 14:40-15:10 (0:30)
Bad Ideas 13:35-14:05 (0:30)
Shinebox 12:35-13:05 (0:30)

Words by Rob Mair (RM) and Carrie-Anne Pollard (CAP).

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