Fiddlehead Preview Third Album with ‘Sleepyhead’

Photo Credit: Deanie Chen

With their third album, Death Is Nothing To Us, set to be released on August 18th (via Run For Cover Records), Fiddlehead have shared a second track from the record in the form of ‘Sleepyhead’.

The track captures the quintet’s combustible hardcore energy and combines it with a ’90s rock influence. While it allows vocalist Pat Flynn to demonstrate his range in a swift 2 minutes and 16 seconds.

“There’s no real great lyrical upside to this song. I wanted to write a song that could capture the stuck-ness that comes with deep depression. Ultimately, this is a song about tuning out and looking away from the brokenness in one’s life on earth in favour of quick comfort,” explained Flynn.

“It is kind of a conversation between two people or two minds. The so-called ‘Sleepyhead’ is a woeful person depressed by the way of the world who chooses to deal with the sadness of it all with excessive sleep. Somewhere in there, however, is a voice of reason that offers perspective – but, to no avail, as the two voices come together in resignation to the weight of the hold that a thick ‘bout of deep depression’ can lay on someone. I see the song as essential to the arc of the record, which ultimately turned out to be a climb out of such a sad state. So, perhaps that’s the upside?”

‘Sleepyhead’ Lyrics

Prozac and Xanax- all good drugs I ignore,
along with the pain of the world,
and how it likes to hurt,
and all the tasks I can’t get through.

You see a light and I see dark,
depressed sad and stark
life’s cold reality
of endless suffering.
We’re born only to weep.
So I escape in sleep.

‘Sleep it all away to heaven. Sleep it all the way to hell.
Sleep it all away but know you’re not locked in a cell.”

Sleep it all away from the pain only drugs can treat.

“So lay down, stay down, breakdown in your bed.”

When is Fiddlehead Coming Back to the UK?

Fiddlehead will be back in the UK in early 2024, when they play a one-off show at The Garage in London on February 23rd. Support comes from MSPAINT and Wrong Man.


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