FIVES: 5 Bands That Influenced Of Allies

With the release of their second EP, ‘Fragments’, Yorkshire rockers Of Allies showcase their more darker side yet build on their skill of producing anthemic songs along the way. The end result is a band with plenty of promise and potential.

From listening to ‘Fragments’, it’s clear the quartet have their fair share of influences. So for this edition of “Fives”, we decided to ask them who they were.

Step forward Rich Nichols (vocalist/guitarist) and Tom Hewson (guitarist/vocalist) who gave us the rundown on 5 bands that have influenced Of Allies.

Rich: Deftones are one of our primary influences. Their ability to write cohesive songs that are both heavy and melodic is something we really admire.
Lower Than Atlantis
Rich: Lower Than Atlantis are a band that have worked from the ground up within the UK music scene which is a great example for other bands trying to succeed in this scene.
Don Broco
Rich: Amazing hooks! Don Broco know how to write a modern rock song and keep it sounding British which is something we strive to do.

Far (Water and Solutions)
Tom: Far seem to have always sat in the background in the heavy/alternative rock scene but they have always had a huge following. The album ‘Water and Solutions’ for me was an album that stood out like nothing I’d heard before. Whilst being a fan of heavy metal and nu-metal, hearing Far really changed my perspective on how songs can be melodic, well crafted, simple but really heavy at the same time. The vocals of Jonah Matranga have so much emotion and feeling from soft and quiet to harsh and loud seamlessly in the same verse of a song. The melodies sit so well with the music while the simplicity yet thoughtful guitar parts of Shaun Lopez and the carefully constructed rhythm section of John Gutenberger and Chris Robyn tie everything together beautifully.

Twin Atlantic (‘Free’)
Tom: For me, this album by Twin Atlantic made the band. I was already a fan of the band before this album came out, but the build up and anticipation to it’s release got me more excited than any other musical release. Their influence to me is definitely about the music but more about how they went from playing small clubs in front of a few people, to selling out academy tours in such a short space of time. Aside from all the hard work they put in with their first album and promoting it, the release of ‘Free’ was when they really stepped it up a notch. The songs combined with the huge in-your-face production really gave the album something special that instantly made me want to push myself and make music as big and catchy as the songs from this album. Seeing them live and watching the crowd go crazy and sing along is enough to make anyone want to pick up an instrument and start to play.

‘Fragments’ EP by Of Allies is out now.

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