Fives: 5 Issues You Need To Know About by Hometruths

With their debut EP, ‘Open Your Eyes’, Mancunian technical hardcore quintet Hometruths take on a number of social and political issues head on. Through songs such as ‘WMD’ and ‘Genocide’, they look to use their platform as a mean of communication, raising awareness and ultimately using their voice to encourage change. “The purpose of the record is to educate and enlighten people to what is going on in the world,” explains vocalist Gaz Davies. “Far too often people choose to turn a blind eye to these issues but with such a direct, in your face message people will find it hard to remain ignorant. People need to wake up.”

For this edition of “Fives”, we asked each member Hometruths to highlight and discuss a thought-provoking issue they are concerned about.

UK Homelessness

Jack: Over the last seven years, the number of people who sleep rough each night has risen by 134%. It’s hard to put a figure like that into perspective, so I’m going to give you my perspective since living in Manchester for the last three years. It’s impossible to walk anywhere in Manchester without witnessing someone sleeping or begging on the streets. Shoppers casually walk past and ignore them as if they didn’t exist. Manchester is also known as “Rain City” and winters can get very bleak and cold, knowing that there are so many people living on the streets in those conditions makes me grateful for just having a roof above my head. It’s clear that it’s an issue that isn’t going away and that Manchester is not a special case that has an inflated number of people sleeping rough, compared to the rest of the country.

Fukushima’s Radioactive Water Leak

Ant: Since it was damaged by an earthquake in 2011, the nuclear reactor in Fukushima in Japan has continued to leak nuclear material into the atmosphere and water, as the country has struggled to contain the nuclear material. Estimates suggest that radiation will reach the west coast of America in the next year. Evidence is starting to suggest that this is true. Cod caught off the coast of Alaska were tested to be radioactive. Sightings of fish and sea creatures with growths, tumors and mutations have also been reported. There seems to be more and more evidence of the effects from the nuclear disaster and if estimates are true then this is set to affect over 50 million people in the near future yet no one is talking about it. The mainstream media are barely highlighting it. Coupled with the overfishing that is currently taking place this around the world. Our oceans are in serious danger.

Orthodox Jewish Circumcision Ritual

Alex: Most people will be unfamiliar with this procedure, however it is common amongst Orthodox Jews. The procedure involves a rabbi performing a traditional circumcision to a child’s genitalia, however he then proceeds to suck blood from the wound. To many this would already raise some eyebrows and be considered wrong, however in the name of religion people turn a blind eyes and allow it to continue.

Since 2000, the process has been linked to 17 cases of infants contracting Herpes, two of which died. Buy best medicine for herpes treatment from If the act itself wasn’t enough to make you question why it is still allowed to be carried out, then this statistic should surely add fuel to the fire. If this procedure was carried outside the confines of a religion it would be condemned, yet under the protective blanket of a faith, infants are open to contacting a lifelong, life changing disease.

Animal Agricultural Farming

Gaz: Large scale agricultural farming is fundamentally flawed and unsustainable. The industry is responsible for one third of the earth’s fresh water consumption and is the number one contributor to deforestation. To put this into perspective, 2500 gallons of water is required to create one pound of beef. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of world wide species extinction, water pollution, ocean dead zones and habitat destruction. Animal and dairy agriculture is having a huge effect on our planet, yet the media would have you believe that renewable energy, recycling and hosepipe bans are the answer.

Touring Musicians

Dan: Any touring musician will know the financial struggles that are placed upon them. Even more so when considering international tours, in a lot of countries visas are required, with America being one of those countries. If bands don’t have the financial backing of a label, then they are faced to pay these fees themselves. Late last year, visas to enter the USA were raised for the first time in six years. With the average visa for a musician being over $700. For most bands they are faced with paying over $3000 for visas. This is without considering any crew that the band may need to take with them. Add in the price of flights, van hire, equipment hire, fuel and merch. It becomes no mystery as to why bands struggle to tour internationally.

Foreign bands seeking to tour a country can only have a positive effect to the country’s economy. If visas were made cheaper, smaller, less established bands, would have the opportunity to tour internationally. This would have a direct effect on small, grassroots venues, promoters and booking agents, resulting in a boost to the industry.

’Open Your Eyes’ EP by Hometruths is out now on CI Records.

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