Fives: 5 Life Lessons by 7 Minutes In Heaven

On their new EP, ‘Symmetry’, 7 Minutes In Heaven’s Timmy Rasmussen takes a reflective and considerate look at his life. While on the surface, the Chicago band supply an energetic set of pop-rock bangers, the EP sees Rasmussen highlight several personal and relatable issues; losing focus, the fear of failure, finding a solution and staying optimistic.

It’s no doubt that Timmy has a wise head on his shoulders. Following the release of ‘Symmetry’, we reached out to the vocalist and guitarist to share some of his wisdom. Read on as 7 Minutes In Heaven’s Timmy Rasmussen tell us about five important life lessons.

1. Never forget the people that stuck with you at your lowest to where ever you’re going

Most things in life are temporary, especially people, and it’s important to be conscious of those that still see your vision and support you when you might not. Positive reinforcement goes a long way in life.

2. Water is very good for you.

Never stop drinking water honestly. Staying hydrated is important and I think a lot of people forget. Coffee and soda don’t count.

3. Communication is the solution to most problems

If something is bothering you, first ask yourself what the problem is and if it’s something out of your control, confront it. Whether or not you get the answer you’re looking for, it will always help clarify what the problem is.

4. Give yourself more credit for your accomplishments

The more in tune you are with yourself the less mistakes you’ll make. The less you are overwhelmed the quicker you are to find a solution. You did that.

5. Situational awareness

Energy is infectious and it’s good practice to level yourself out with what is around you. Having empathy for others isn’t common practice but it sure gives a lot of perspective.

‘Symmetry’ EP by 7 Minutes In Heaven is out now on Rude Records.

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