FIVES: 5 London Melodic Hardcore Bands to Watch (by High Rise)

This week, melodic metalcore mob High Rise release their new EP – ‘Left It For Everything (LIFE)’. Channeling the anthemic metalcore of the likes of Bury Tomorrow and Beartooth with a bit of melodic hardcore thrown in for good measure, the EP shows the London group has plenty of purpose. ‘Left It For Everything (LIFE)’ rolls through with a groove-ridden crunch with plenty of big choruses and heavy breakdowns.

Ahead of its release, we asked High Rise to tip us off on 5 London-based hardcore bands to keep eye on in the coming months. Here are there choices…

Far From History

Every time we see them live it’s always a great show, they work extremely hard and have a great sound. They play fast, heavy and in your face metalcore that also has very catchy choruses which will stick in your head for days.

A Negative by Far From History

Far From History links: Facebook|Bandcamp

Vanity Draws Blood

These guys are the kings of haunting metalcore. Their spooky interludes and bone crunching breakdowns come together to create tracks that really paint a scene of anguish and despair.

Vanity Draws Blood links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Stand Alone

When we played with these guys, their energy was incredible. Definitely one of the most intense bands when they get on stage.

Stand Alone links: Facebook|Bandcamp

Cute Cute Death

These guys are a twist of post-hardcore and progressive rock. Interesting melodies and big drum fills, these guys are not one to miss.

Cute Cute Death links: Facebook|Bandcamp

Confessions Of A Traitor

This band are great live. Hard-hitting riffs! They just give so much to their music and their live performance. A must watch band if you get the chance.

Confessions Of A Traitor links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

‘Left It For Everything (L.I.F.E)’ by High Rise is released on September 16th.

High Rise links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp


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