FIVES: 5 Tour Essentials with Eskimo Callboy

Eskimo Callboy are currently on a UK headline tour with The One Hundred and Cabin Boy Jumped Ship. With their electro-infused mix of explosive riffs, melodic hooks and heavy breakdowns, it is no surprise Eskimo Callboy have been slaying on the tour so far.

However or any band life out on the road can be tough, but life can be mader easier with a few essential items. So for this edition of “Fives” we asked the Electrocore Germans to tell is their 5 tour essentials.

“First Aid Box”
Our first aid box containing a bottle of Honey Jack, five glasses and a Snickers. The Snickers is for our guitar player Daniel. He doesn’t drink, he just gets high on sweets. This box is a game changer in case of missing excitement before a show, or missing inspiration during songwriting.

I know, a pretty plain answer. But with all those super-massive and hyper-trendy electronic sounds on our tracks, who would have thought that Eskimo Callboy still need their instruments to play their songs?!

TV + Xbox
Our multimedia rack containing an Xbox with FIFA and Mortal Kombat (don’t even think of challenging us you n00b), a 40-inch TV screen and a 5k watt bass machine with an AUX cord. There are stories of bands that died in the green room while waiting for their show. That won’t happen to us.

Our Crew
Not only have we become super lazy and incompetent in respect of our technical stuff, but also they have become something like our tour family. Like a 360-degrees expansion of the band. It just feels incomplete without them.

Our Fans

All the people that come out to our shows to party with us. Life ain’t easy sometimes, and we absolutely don’t have the solutions to any of your problems. But we can help you to confront them with a positive attitude. Your mind can influence a lot. So if you’re not an asshole, come to our show, let it all out and spend an awesome time with us.

Eskimo Callboy links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|YouTube

10 Satans Hollow, Manchester
11 Corporation, Sheffield
12 Audio, Glasgow
13 The Rainbow, Birmingham
14 The Underground, Plymouth


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