Here at Already Heard, we’re getting into to the Christmas spirit and for this edition of “FIVES” we’re going to be focusing on our five favourite “Alternative” Christmas songs.

Every year a variety of Christmas songs are released, some go unrecognised and some are unfortunately played to death. We’ve decided to pick out some of best “alternative” Christmas songs from recent years.

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Reuben – Christmas Is Awesome
As a teenager, I often wondered “Why isn’t there a good Christmas rock song?”. After years of hearing the same old rotation of The Pogues, Mariah Carey and (god save us) Shakin’ Stevens, and with The Darkness not aiding matters with the dreadful ‘Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End)’, Surrey rockers Reuben finally came out with the answer to my prayers with ‘Christmas Is Awesome’. Commencing with jingle bells over a trademark jagged riff, Jamie Lenman shouts his way through 2 minutes of Yuletide menace (“look out for mistletoe or I will kiss your face”) and merriment at the ideal gift (“I got a DVD, and it was Dr Who!”), this is the musical equivalent of a 5-year-old charging around the house because Santa came. A festive frolic, this one is worth picking up Reuben’s ‘We Should Have Gone To University’ B-sides and rarities compilation alone. (OC)

Fall Out Boy – Yule Shoot Your Eye Out
Old school Fall Out Boy, singing a Christmas song. Yeah, awesome, right? (And who could ignore that pun of Yule?! Ho ho ho!) The thing is, it’s not some posi, let’s have a ball Christmas song as per many Christmas songs tend to do. This is Fall Out Boy doing what they do best; sounding pretty upbeat and singing those typical noughties emo lyrics about breaks up with Girls and wishing the worst upon them… Merry Christmas y’all! (MB)

Man Overboard – Decemberism
A sweet Christmas tale of missing a loved one, Man Overboard’s ‘Decemberism’ is cold yet charming with lyrical yearning for that absent love; waiting for that phone call only to be dumped during the Holiday season but still wanting her for Christmas. It’s touching and sees Man Overboard mixing their typical pop-punk lyrics of ex-girlfiriends with a more stripped down approach. Fitting. (SR)

New Found Glory – Ex-Miss
Yep, another bitter song about an former girlfriend but with jingle bells, so you can’t complain right? New Found Glory’s ’Ex-Miss’ is a fun blast of Christmas Pop-Punk with Jordan Pundik declaring Christmas as over-rated, predictable and sarcastically it as “a wonderful day”. A rare festival treat from everyone’s favourite Pop-Punk band. (SR)

Blakfish – Missing You (The True Meaning Of Christmas)
I think it’s fair to say that Blakfish are still one of the most missed bands on the UK alternative scene. Prior to splitting they recorded this seasonal ditty, balancing their trademark pessimism with a more traditionally festive sound. Despite their tongues being firmly planted inside their cheeks, Missing You still comes across as more sincere than the vast number of singles on the market attempting to cash in on the Christmas cheers. RIP Blakfish, you’re still missed.

Words by Sean Reid (SR), Mikey Brown (MC), Ollie Connors (OC) and Richard Heaven (RH).

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