January saw some major names releasing some important releases with a handful of lesser-known names making a statement of intent along the way. On paper February isn’t as hectic yet there are still plenty of notable releases to sink your teeth into the coming weeks.

As you can expect by now, Already Heard has picked out 5 of the more noteworthy releases for the coming month. This time round we have a mix of familiar names, and one or two up and coming names that should get to know.

Stick to Your Guns – Disobedient
Over the years Stick To Your Guns have done exactly what their namesake states. They have churned out forward thinking, positive and ballsy hardcore for the masses without ever faltering on their beliefs or ideals and following up 2012’s critically acclaimed effort ‘Diamond’, the band are now set to cause a brand new kind ruckus with the release of ‘Disobedient’.

First single ‘Nobody’ has already given a taste of what to expect, with thundering bass and old school riffs coming up against the overtly rousing lyrics of Jesse Barnett, whilst other released track ‘What Choice Did You Give Us?’ takes on much more serious matters but doesn’t ease up on the mosh fuel. If the rest of the album is as stirring, current and thought provoking Stick To Your Guns are on the verge of releasing a hardcore classic that will be cited for years to come. (JR)

‘Disobedient’ by Stick to Your Guns is released on 10th February on Sumerian Records.

Stick to Your Guns links: Facebook|Twitter

36 Crazyfists – Time And Trauma
After all these years, you’d be forgiven for thinking 36 Crazyfists have run out of steam, but ‘Time And Trauma’ proves these bruisers are still on top of their game. 36 Crazyfists have become synonymous with unruly screams and the occasional face-melter, a reputation which remains intact a whopping 21 years since their inception.

Embittered and tainted, this 12 track anthem to taking a stand against your inner demons captures emotions passionately and expertly. Their signature call-to-arms translates as always through guttural screams colliding effortlessly with melodic vocals. Exploring a spectrum of punishing riffs in ‘Vanish (We All Disappear)’ and solemn reflections in ‘Also Am I’, their seventh record stands equal to fan favourite ‘Bitterness The Star’. However, by combining their trademark melodic sound with gravelly screams and a few jaw-dropping growls, ‘Time And Trauma’ presents a more diverse and incredibly welcome side to the ever-present 36 Crazyfists. (AC)

’Time And Trauma’ by 36 Crazyfists is released on 16th February on Spinefarm Records.

36 Crazyfists links: Facebook|Twitter

Hindsights – Cold Walls/Cloudy Eyes
It has been about 18 months since Berkshire’s Hindsights unveiled their slow-burning EP ‘The Thoughts That Weigh Me Down’. Since then, they’ve been up and down the country countless times, playing shows to whoever would have them and honing their craft. The result of this endeavour was the 10 songs that make up their full-length debut ‘Cold Walls/Cloudy Eyes’.

Taking cues from emo, post-hardcore and grunge, the Maidenhead sad punks have also incorporated huge melodies into their fledgling identity, adding shade and light to their powerful sound. Both ‘Cold Walls’ and ‘Pensive’ point at great things, and, as they’ll no doubt be on the road in support of ‘Cold Walls/Cloudy Eyes’, why not get in on the buzz now? (RM)

‘Cold Walls/Cloudy Eyes’ by Hindsights is released on 23rd February on Beach Community.

Hindsights links: Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr

Hawk Eyes – Everything Is Fine
The Leeds outfit formerly known as Chickenhawk have been on a rather relentless run since their rechristening. From the release of ‘Ideas,’ through making their new name on the live circuit both domestically and overseas, with the crowdfunded EP ‘That’s What This Is’ just another head-turning stepping stone on the road to new album ‘Everything is Fine.’ For the band’s current momentum and state of mind, such a title has to be a drastic understatement.

Every year seems to be a big one for the quartet these days, but 2015 is likely to eclipse all that have come before it. Hopes are high for the new record as launch day approaches fast, but if there’s any band that have proven themselves more than capable of delivering on lofty expectations, then Hawk Eyes have learnt from the best. (AL)

‘Everything Is Fine’ by Hawk Eyes is released on 9th February.

Hawk Eyes links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Blis. – Starting Fires In My Parents House
Having cited Pedro the Lion, American Football and Weatherbox as primary influences, Atlanta, GA’s Blis. ideally fit in the company of the likes of Have Mercy and Manchester Orchestra. ‘Starting Fires In My Parents House’ contains 4 slices of solid emo rock that is both compelling and energetic.

Tracks like ‘Floating Somewhere High and Above’ and ‘You Can Tell A lot’ pulsate with fiery guitars and distant screams. Whilst ‘Savannah’ proves to be plucky with a stirring undertone. Nevertheless Blis. have a winning yet concise formula that makes ‘Starting Fires In My Parents House’ an EP you shouldn’t ignore.

‘Starting Fires In My Parents House’ by Blis. is released on Soft Speak.

Blis. links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Jack Rogers (JR), Ali Cooper (AC), Rob Mair (RM), Antony Lusmore (AL), and Sean Reid (SR)

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