By the time you’ve read this you’ve seen countless end of year lists and, like some of the Already Heard team, suffered through the inevitable New Years Day hangover. It is a new year and as always Already Heard is here to recommend 5 releases for the month of January.

Usually January can be a somewhat of a difficult time for album releases. Most bands and labels are coming through a quiet period with some ending tour cycles or preparing to go out on the road in the coming months. Nevertheless there is still some strong releases to sink your teeth into this month as some of the biggest names in the scene aim to make to huge start in 2015!

Fall Out Boy – American Beauty/American Psycho
This time 2 years ago, the notion of a Fall Out Boy reunion let alone new album, tour and style was just a voice in the wind. Just a wild fantasy that ran through fan’s heads 2 or 8 times a day. Fast forward to present day and the band are world-beaters. Selling out venues across the globe and receiving worldwide pop press, FOB have gone from emo sweethearts to one of the biggest bands on the planet. But now the real business starts. With the hype of the reunion all but died down and the comeback album ‘Save Rock And Roll’ safely tucked in the ‘success’ folder, it’s time for ‘American Beauty/American Psycho’ to really help define the band in 2015.

For a band that are never content with one style, ‘AB/AP’ will prove to be another adventurous, and addictively catchy collection of songs. With first single ‘Centuries’ already smashing platinum, and title track showcasing a rapturously driven sound that is as punk as it pop and is unlike anything the band has attempted before, it’s difficult not to be a little bit excited about what’s in store. Get those voice boxes ready, it’s gonna be a big year for the Chicago 4. (JR)

‘American Beauty/American Psycho’ by Fall Out Boy is released on January 19th through Island/DCD2.

Fall Out Boy links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Marilyn Manson – Pale Emperor
Following his recent acting success on the small screen, fans are eager for Marilyn Manson’s next offering. ’Pale Emperor’ is the epitome of Manson’s trademark dark gothic, combined with the lessons learned from 2012’s unconventional ‘Born Villain’. The musical maturity Manson has acquired in the interim years suggest ’Pale Emperor’ heralds a new raw, less characterised era for the shock icon.

Promoted to provide the soundtrack to TV series’ Sons of
Anarchy and Salem, self-released’Pale Emperor’ makes the flawless move toward injecting the blues into his foreboding trademark. You’ll be forgiven for anticipating the fast-paced, menacing crescendos, but Manson’s speciality sultry tones adjusted to suit a slow, brooding atmosphere just go to show – fine wine improves with age. Lovers of ‘Nobodies’ and ’Long Hard Road Out Of Hell’ will quickly fall for the morose ‘Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge’. Manson is back to his very best! (AZ)

’Pale Emperor’ by Marilyn Manson is released on 19th January on Hell, etc.

Marilyn Manson links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Light You Up – All We’ve Ever Known
If you’ve read our “50 Bands to Watch in 2015” feature then its no surprise the debut LP from Birmingham pop-punks Light You Up appears on this list of essential releases for January. Without a doubt ‘All We’ve Ever Known’ is full of “bangers” and sees the quartet combine familiar pop-punk influences (Four Year Strong/The Story So Far) and mix it up with a British flavour. Although the “hype” may not as big as some other releases in the pop-punk scene, ‘All We’ve Ever Known’ shows Light You Up have a point to prove and frankly that knock it out the park as they deliver 11 songs of some the finest pop-punk you’ll hear all year, and its only January!

Songs like ‘Good Days’ and ‘Always Wanting More’ are introspective and honest whilst ‘Haven’t You Heard’ and ‘Monsters’ have plenty of might and energy with HUGE hooks that demand to be repeated again and again. With a dozens of pop-punk releases set to be unleashed in 2015, don’t under estimate Light You Up as ‘All We’ve Ever Known’ has set the bar high. (SR)

‘All We’ve Ever Known’ by Light You Up is released on 26th January through Reclaim Music Group/Ice Grills.

Light You Up links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

The Sidekicks – Runners in the Nerved World
The Sidekicks are a band that I feel all too often get pushed to the wayside, and I have no idea why. They’re original and talented and create some of the most hauntingly beautiful music that I’ve ever heard. Already boasting three full lengths, most notably their 2012 release ‘Awkward Breeds’, their new album ‘Runners In The Nerved World’ sees them making the jump to Epitaph Records and if this doesn’t propel them to new levels then I’m losing my faith in music.

Runners In The Nerved World by The Sidekicks

The Sidekicks are a multi-dimensional band and this shows in the 3 singles they’ve released from the record already. Maturing their music with each release seems like no skin off their back and their first single ‘Deer’ is a slower nostalgic 90’s trip proving that this band can give the listener everything they could want from a record, and it’s effortless for them. The other singles ‘Jesus Christ Supermalls’ and ‘Summer Brings You Closer To Satan’ offer a sound we’re more accustomed to from them but that’s not to say it isn’t welcome. Boasting more an early Band Of Horses direction with this new record, The Sidekicks can adapt and change their music and it’s that that makes them an exciting band to be around. ‘Runners In The Nerved World’ already boasts three hit singles, and I’m going to predict that the rest of the record will be just as impressive. They always continue to leave me in awe of their musical outputs. (RK)

‘Runners in the Nerved World’ by The Sidekicks is released on 19th January on Epitaph Records.

The Sidekicks links: Facebook|Bandcamp

Papa Roach – Face Everything And Rise
Two months on from the release of its title track, and Papa Roach’s eighth album ‘F.E.A.R.’ is almost ready to be unleashed upon the world. ‘Warriors’ had a fair portion of the band’s fan base cautious to see what direction the band would be going with the new record, but with ‘Face Everything and Rise’ quickly followed by ‘Broken As Me’, any fears of a vast departure from the style that has kept Papa Roach a major point on the map for over fifteen years. There are a few new tools in the arsenal, of course, as there has consistently been for any member of the nu-metal class of 2000 still thriving to this day.

The fourth single from the album is due out next week before ‘F.E.A.R.’ itself even drops but come January 26th, we’ll be able to weigh up just how much momentum the California four-piece will be taking into the latter half of the 2010s. It’s sure to be an emphatic start to 2015’s litany of high-octane musical offerings, courtesy of a consistently on-point quartet looking to continue a seemingly unwavering run of form. It’s going to be a big year for so many new and established bands and with Papa Roach first to the plate, it’s hard to expect anything less than a very high bar being set. (AL)

‘Face Everything And Rise’ by Papa Roach is released on 26th January through Eleven Seven Music.

Papa Roach links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Sean Reid (SR), Rosie Kerr (RK), Jack Rogers (JR), Antony Lusmore (AL), and Ali Cooper (AC)

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