Spring is just around the corner and with a load of festivals set to take place in the coming months, March is a busy month for releases with an abundance of up-and-coming names unleashing new material.

With such a busy month, we didn’t know where to start for this edition of “Fives.” However after much discussion, the Already Heard has picked out 5 must hear releases for the month of March.

Bleach Blood – All The Sides Of A Circle
After teasing fans with a series of single release over the last year, former King Blues man Jamie Jazz and his new mob Bleach Blood are back in force this month with debut album ‘All The Sides Of A Circle’ finally getting its release. And not to put it too finely it’s hard to see a more resoundingly positive and life affirming effort reaching listeners ears then this all year.

‘Pleased To Meet You’, long time Bleach Blood live favourite ‘Let Your Heart Sing’, ‘P.E.A.C.E’ and ‘H.O.P.E’ provide just a few of the highlights of this utterly joyful collection of genre mashing punk enthused power-pop. Let Jamie Jazz and Bleach Blood get your March going with a bang and a smile before you listen to this belter again and again. (DW)

‘All The Sides Of A Circle’ by Bleach Blood is out now on Transmission Recordings.

Bleach Blood links: Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr

The Skints – FM
Music doesn’t really get any cooler then when it comes from East London’s The Skints who return this month with their much anticipated new album ‘FM’. And between it being their first release for legendary New York Reggae label Easy Star Records and their most diverse array of collaborations with a plethora of reggae, hip-hop and grime artists this is The Skints at their biggest and best yet.

The Skints’ chilled out tribute to the band’s London stomping grounds, and first single, ‘This Town’ is just the beginning of the vibrancy and eclectic sounds ‘FM’ has to offer on an album that offers something new and fresh with each listen. (DW)

‘FM’ by The Skints is released on 9th March on Easy Star Records.

The Skints links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Runaway Brother – Mother
Runaway Brother started making waves outside their native Ohio with the release of last year’s ‘Summer/Autumn’ single. A prime slice of twisted, mathy power-pop, it was a percussive heavy off-kilter triumph. Insanely infectious and hugely likeable it was the perfect follow-up to 2012’s overlooked ‘Bedhead’ EP.

All of which brings us to ‘Mother’. Having teamed up with Tiny Engines – the label that brought us last year’s outstanding ‘Home, Like No Place Is There’ opus by The Hotelier – it promises bolder melodies and bigger choruses than anything they’ve done before, and could well prove to be just as popular as their labelmates’ breakout record. And, if you haven’t checked out the brilliant ‘Moth’, then jump in early to see what the buzz is about… (RM)

‘Mother’ by Runaway Brother is released on 31st March on Tiny Engines.

Runaway Brother links: Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr

Daisyhead – The Smallest Light
After several years of touring and EP releases, Nashville’s Daisyhead release their debut full-length this month to much anticipation. Thankfully ’The Smallest Light’ doesn’t disappoint. Without a doubt the quartet pull off the emo rock style in superb fashion. From start to finish, ’The Smallest Light’ flows with ease as tracks like ‘Lost Her’ have a grungy, alt rock feel. Whilst ‘Take’ and ‘Lacking Basis’ are more refined and focused with slight Jimmy Eat World comparison subtly creeping in. More poignant moments like ‘Inanity’ and the title track showcase the bands versatility.

Sure Daisyhead have been compared to the likes of Balance & Composure but in ‘The Smallest Light’, the quartet are on par with them. I promise you will have this record on repeat in the coming weeks. (SR)

’The Smallest Light’ by Daisyhead is out now on No Sleep Records.

Daisyhead links:Website|Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr

Red Seas Fire – Resolution EP
The self-titled EP of Red Seas Fire made a scorching early statement of just how visceral the quartet of metallers can be. The intro into ‘Epinephrine’ was a superb way to kick off an EP; a lesson reprised in the opening to the Confrontation EP last April. 2013’s ‘Exposition’, however, showed that they could just as easily ditch the dramatic build and have just as much success in kicking things into gear from the get-go.

It will be interesting, then, to see which way things go with this month’s ‘Resolution’ release. With the feral four-piece celebrating their third EP launch in as many years, it would be unwise not to expect something special. Additionally, given the band’s knack for harnessing a truly epic sound across all their records so far, you know full well that when March 9th rolls around, your ears are in for a thunderous kicking. It says a lot for the band when a new Cancer Bats album may not be the most explosive release on a single day, but whatever happens you can bet that you’re looking at one of the most tumultuous release days of the year wherever Red Seas Fire are concerned. (AL)

‘Resolution’ EP by Red Seas Fire is released on 9th March.

Red Seas Fire links: Facebook|Website|Twitter

Words by Sean Reid (SR), Dane Wright (DW), Rob Mair (RM), Antony Lusmore (AL)

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