This Saturday the annual celebration of independent music stores takes place as it is Record Store Day 2013.

Since 2007 independently owned record stores have come together with artists to celebrate the art of music by releasing special limited releases and this year is no different. With a whole load of special CD’s, LP’s and even cassette set to be released as part of this years Record Store Day, music fans are spoilt for choice.

For this edition of “FIVES,” Already Heard’s Rosie Kerr and Heather Fitsell highlight five must-buy releases for Record Store Day 2013.

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Funeral For A Friend – ‘Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation’
Growing up Funeral For A Friend were easily one of my favourite bands, and it’s this record that spurred that love. Wales’ answer to bands like Glassjaw and Thursday, they were highly accessible to all of the UK and we didn’t have to wait months for them to tour, it was consistent and easy. I remember picking up the CD and placing it into my player for the first listen. That kind of ritual feeling of sitting and listening through the entire thing, I can remember it pretty vividly. I actually even bought this on vinyl first time round. A beautiful double LP in a gate-fold case, which I still have!

If you weren’t so lucky however, this record is obviously once again being re-pressed for the illustrious RSD on limited edition white vinyl limited to 500 in the UK. I would absolutely snap this up if only for a piece of nostalgia. (Rosie Kerr)

Notorious BIG – ‘Ready To Die’
Born in Brooklyn, NY in 1972, Notorious ‘Christopher George Latore Wallace’ B.I.G single-handedly put East Coast hip hop on the radar with this 1994 debut, ‘Ready To Die.’ If you’re a hip hop fan then you understand how influential this record was to most of today’s artists that grace the mainstream. Single ‘Juicy’ became an ultimate club anthem, ‘Big Poppa’ which was platinum selling and made it into the top 10 on the US pop chart, and ‘One More Chance’ tied with Michael Jackson for the highest début ever on the US pop chart. It’s easy to see how BIG became an autobiographical rags-to-riches rapper who was respected by all, and still is.

This is a double LP, a re-issue of the 1995 release which included the bonus track ‘Who Shot Ya,’ a custom mixed gold vinyl European exclusive limited to only 250 UK copies which is absurd. This is my ultimate RSD goal purchase. (Rosie Kerr)

OST – ‘The Twilight Zone/The Outer Limits’
Now, I will admit this is a little bit of a strange choice, however, out of everything available this year, this has me most interested. The BIG release is one I want, sure, but this is something different and completely original, not a re-press, an original press. A limited one off pressing of 1000 on clear and black vinyl with a 7×7 art print by We Buy Your Kids inspired by both TV shows.

Essentially, it is just a split 7” of the two theme tunes to The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. Both of these TV shows impacted on me as a child and I think they’re mostly to blame for my love of the weird and wonderful, fantastical and mystical. The theme music composer for The Twilight Zone is Gregor F. Narholz and for The Outer Limits is Dominic Frontiere (1963–1964) Harry Lubin (1964–1965) and both the theme tunes were ones you can instantly recognise as relating to the programmes and that’s what I feel RSD is mostly about. Being reminded of the past, but bringing it into the present. Which is essentially what vinyl does anyway. (Rosie Kerr)

Various Artists – ‘Sub Pop Records/Sub Pop 1000’
Seattle in the USA has had individually, what could be described as the biggest impact on the world-wide music industry ever. In the late 1980s a whole new genre, grunge, was emanating from this city and behind the popularisation of this genre was fanzine turned record label Sub Pop. Amongst the underground scene of the time, the aim of any band was to get a record on Sub Pop and bands like Soundgarden, Green River, Mudhoney and Nirvana did just that.

The first Sub Pop compilation LP, ‘Sub Pop 100’ was released back in 1986, it was limited to 5,000 copies and is now a very rare collectors item. To coincide with Record Store Day and to celebrate their 25th Anniversary, they are releasing ‘Sub Pop 1000,’ a 10-track LP which again is limited to 5,000 pressings on tricked-out coloured vinyl, with cover art by Nathan Fox, a 16-page booklet and an MP3 download coupon. This release is definitely one not to be missed. (Heather Fitsell)

David Bowie – ‘1965! EP’
David Bowie is described as a chameleon of the music world, but he remains one of the pioneering and most influential artists of modern times. In a time where news about and copies of forthcoming albums are frequently leaked, David Bowie was able to surprise everyone on his 66th birthday in January by releasing the song ‘Where Are We Now?’ and announcing his now released album ‘The Next Day,’ which debuted at number one selling over 94,000 copies in its first week. And with an exhibition about his career at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum and a concept store inside Oxford Street’s Selfridges, Bowie is undoubtedly one of this year’s musical focal points.

His ‘1965!’ vinyl EP is being re-released as a UK exclusive for Record Store Day, of just 1000 pressings on black vinyl and features four tracks recorded at the very start of his career as a musician. At a time when Bowie is a buzz word, this is sure to be zapped up by eager fans and collectors. (Heather Fitsell)

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What releases are you looking to pick up as part of Record Store Day 2013? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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