Fives: Shadow Hunters’ 5 Favourite Sci-Fi Films

Since forming in 2013, Norweigan debut Shadow Hunters have been crafted their brand of “dream rock”. This past week they released their debut full-length – ‘AVATAR’. Over the course of ten songs, Will S (vocals/guitar) and Ingar LH (drums) produce a cinematic-sized collection of bold, atmospheric rock. Songs such as ‘Fire Will Be Free’, ‘I’ and ‘Into Tomorrow’s Yesterday’ sound monumental with a solid rock core. Whilst the use of sci-fi imagery makes you imagine you’re flying through space in some sort of epic battle (okay, just us.)

Nevertheless, that gave us an idea for this edition of “Fives”. So we asked Will and Ingar to pick out five of their favourite sci-fi films.


A perfect blend of footage and musical masterpieces (made by M83). A captivating, post-apocalyptic scenery that really made a huge impact on the inspiral aspect of our music and visual creativity.
A must have seen movie, especially for sci-fi nerds!

Star Wars

Here you have a few movies to choose from. But for the latest inspirational vibe, we have to choose ‘The Force Awakens’. This is probably one of the movies that gives us the most visual inspiration. Epic scenery, fantastic creatures, lots of astral journeys, adventures, planets, droids, robots and machinery. A visual ragnarok! Another must seen epic, sci-fi adventure!

Tron Legacy

A bonanza of sci-fi effects, dramatic, huge, mind blowing, synth inspired musical awesomeness! The gaming-inspired scenery blows us away. Almost makes us want to live in a Tron pinball machine.

Edge Of Tomorrow

It’s just a cool movie! Lots of sci-fi effects! Another great Tom Cruise movie!

The Fifth Element

A classic Luc Besson movie! Lots of cool outfits, locations and characters. Getting a lot of visual inspiration out of this movie! Must seen for sci-fi fan!

‘AVATAR’ by Shadow Hunters is out now on Renegade Records.

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