Fives: Top 5 Cities to Play In by Imperial Leisure

Since forming in 2000, London alt ska band Imperial Leisure have done their fair share of touring and then some. They’ve played shows and festivals throughout the UK and Europe. This summer they’ve appeared at the Secret Garden Party and Rebellion Festival, as well as dates with King Prawn.

Having visited more places than you can probably think of, we asked frontman Denis Smith to pick his top five cities to play in.

…because they are nuts, crazy like the coconuts! The Fleece which we’ve played tons seems to be the epicentre of activity for these insane party people, back flipping, stage diving, cider swilling psychos.

..because they fuck us, depending on how you look at it something’s gone seriously wrong or right in this town, girls here just can’t get enough of the Imperial Leisure “D”. They must be off their heads, no one ever fucks us! We’re coming back for Halloween hopefully.

…because they are nuts and they fuck us! Scotland is fucking freezing and you’d think we’d get snow balled out of town but the Glaswegians lap up summer ska party vibes like it’s a giant bowl of margarita. Considering the temperature or hourly wage seldom reaches double figures Glasgow’s a insane party town. As an experiment I’d like to move Glasgow 500 miles south to a sunny beach, paraffin to a fire I expect!

…because it’s my home town, there’s no place like home, despite the moody corporate cloud that hangs over it, gigs still pack out, those money munchers not bored of us yet! We must have played over 1000 times with in those grey city walls!

No explanation required, just go, go there now.

‘Lifestyle Brand’ by Imperial Leisure is out now on FXD Records.

5 Hootenanny, London
6 Late Summer Skank
11 Little Orchard Cyder Festival

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