Fives: Top 5 Places to Play by River Jumpers

Since their formation in 2012, Brighton-based melodic punks River Jumpers have hit the ground running on the road playing packed shows across both UK and Europe. Throughout that time they’ve played with a plethora of notable names and received support from influential figures such as Frank Turner.

Earlier this year they release a new self-titled EP that showed signs of maturity with a more focused approach. Nevertheless the quintets hunger for getting out there and playing shows whenever and wherever is still firmly there.

But where are their favourite places to play? Well thankfully vocalist Nick Davis told us his top five.

1. Liverpool
This is where I’m from so not only do I get to catch up with friends and family when we play there, but they also have an awesome scene happening at the moment which is reminiscent of when I was 17 and going to all the shows. It’s good to see that that live music is still a big thing in Liverpool and that kids are getting out to shows just as they have always done.

2. Brighton
Everyone loves playing there hometown to all your friends and seeing familiar faces and not having to drive too far away afterwards. The scene in Brighton is rad and the bands that are coming out are always rad bands like Haters, Watercanvas, Hangmen, Grindhouse, Murder House, Harker, Broadbay, Gnarwolves plus soamy more I have forgotten to mention. Love it.

3. London
To me playing in London is awesome. Playing a big gig in your country’s capital and kind of ‘going to the big city’ to smash out your songs is always exciting and we get to play some awesome venues like The Underworld, The Black Heart, The Old Blue Last and venues that are just these historically awesome alternative venues. It’s really fun.

4. Belgium
Anywhere in Belgium. Luckily River Jumpers have a lot of support in Belgium and the people and the gigs are always really positive. We play a lot in these youth houses over there and they are rad because they are run and organised by young people. We always have all the fun in Belgium.

5. Living Rooms
Not really a city or a place but sometimes we get to play house shows. We played a breaking bad themed one once. House shows are just so personal and you’re playing in someone’s home so it feels personal. Plus the party is always good afterwards and I usually get a night off driving.

‘River Jumpers’ EP by River Jumpers is out now on FXD Records.

River Jumpers links: Website|Facebook|Twitter


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