UK Independent label Homesick Records have released a free compilation entitled ‘Welcome To Jersey.’

The 15 track compilation features songs from the likes of When We Were Giants, Lower Lands, The Hotel Year, All In Colours, Battleship Romance and more.

‘Welcome To Jersey’ can be downloaded on Bandcamp and streamed by clicking read more.

1. When We Were Giants – Stay
2. Lower Lands – Reality In Routine
3. Same Current – Oceans
4. The Hotel Year – Vacancy
5. Native Wildlife – Bitter Work
6. Arm The World – I Believe In Atlantis
7. Billion Ocean – The Liar
8. Class Picture – Disapprove
9. Hand Drawn By Crayons – Fall So Deep
10. Cillian King – Letters
11. All In Colours – Time To Waste
12. Demaminalz – Keep Grounded On Soil
13. Jack Rosies – Happy With You
14. Gutless Wonder – Lyvers
15. Battleship Romance – Navigating Through The Stars

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Welcome To Jersey by Homesick Records UK</a>

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