Futures have announced they are to split up and will be playing a farewell show at The Garage, London on 12th December.

The band posted the following message:

“Futures 2009 – 2012

To our fans & friends, the time has come for us to make the incredibly hard decision to bring Futures to an end.

We’ve been playing music together for over 3 years now and have had some amazing experiences that we never thought could happen to us as people and musicians, working with and meeting some great people who have made us the band we are today. We remain great friends and nothing will change that.

As most of you know, it has been a very rocky road that has led us to where we are today and ultimately, the decision we are making. There comes a time for everyone, when truths have to be faced and new routes need to be taken to stay happy and that’s the main reason we’ve taken our time in making this decision. We feel like we have taken Futures as far as we can take it as a band, and are very proud of how far that was.

There are no words strong enough to say thank you to all the incredible fans that we have made and met along the way. Your belief and support has kept our band alive and taken us to places which looking back on, wouldn’t have been possible without the thousands of you that come and watch us on tour and buy our music. It’s still one of the best feelings to have every morning, waking up and knowing that, today, someone will be listening to songs we’ve written.

That brings us to the plain truth that this may well be the end of Futures but not for us as musicians and songwriters. We’re all pursuing new paths, and we’re hoping some will cross when the time is right.

We will be playing a farewell show on the 12th December at London’s Garage, celebrating the time we’ve had as a band, and hopefully with you good people joining us. It will be our last chance to play the songs we’ve written over the years and your last chance to see them live.

Thank you for being as much a part of Futures as we have been, for a band is not a band without its fans.”

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