Giants have released a free compilation entitled ‘Skate Punk For SouthBank’ and features 22 tracks including Frank Turner, Your Demise, Marmozets, and Gnarwolves.

The compilation has been released to raise awareness for the “Long Live Southbank” campaign to save the legendary skate park in London.

The band made following comment about ‘Skate Punk For SouthBank’:

“We were overwhelmed beyond belief with the response from bands across the country for this release. We wanted to get the compilation out as soon as possible to help the Long Live Southbank campaign as much as we could, so check it out and enjoy the music and sign yourself up to support this great cause and help save Southbank with LLSB! Extra massive thanks goes out to Frank Turner for recording a cover song exclusively for the compilation in his living room!”

1. Public Domain (Ex. Dead Swans) – Die By The Board
2. Great Cynics – In My Head
3. Giants – It’s Not All Bad News
4. Hot Damn – Worn Out
5. Marmozets – Born Young And Free
6. Frank Turner – Plea From A Cat Named Virtute
7. The Greenery – Acid Flash
8. Forsaken – Supernatural
9. Rob Lynch – We Do This For…
10. Gnarwolves – Tongue Surfer
11. Drones – Empty Words
12. CB6 – Deep Rooted
13. Darko – Neo Was An Amature
14. Off Balance – Bricks
15. Your Demise – A Song To No One
16. Concave – Bomb Hills
17. Shortcuts – Bowling
18. Judgement – Regression
19. Still Bust – Tastes Like Asbestos (From Little Richard Came)
20. Scouts – Sure Shot (Beastie Boys Cover)
21. Hardships – Subliminal
22. Neck Deep – Head To The Ground

‘Skate Punk For SouthBank’ can be downloaded here and streamed by clicking read more. Further information on the “Long Live Southbank” campaign can be found here. <a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>SkatePunkForSouthBank by Various</a>

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