Gold Bloom Share New Single (‘Sink or Swim’)

Gold bloom band promo 2023

Rising UK pop-punk quintet Gold Bloom have released their latest single. Titled ‘Sink or Swim’, it’s lifted from the group’s upcoming ‘Hazy’ EP, which is scheduled to be released on October 27th via A Wolf At Your Door Records.

On the surface, the track is a jaunty, feel-good pop-punk number that will win over fans of Neck Deep and Hit the Lights. Lyrically, it captures the feeling of youthful escapism, admitting to inevitable mistakes, while feeling frustrated.

Hazy’ will include previous singles F.M.L. and The Outcome’. It follows last year’s ‘Double or Nothing’ EP, which gained a fair bit of traction in certain circles, leading to the band joining A Wolf At Your Door.

Gold Bloom – ‘Sink or Swim’ Lyrics

All my life I’ve been told to act my age
Grow up fast but live slow
There’s just no way
I’ll adhere to the rules you try to force upon me
I’m sick of playing it safe when I just want to be free
I’ll make my own mistakes then you’ll know who to blame

So when the gears are turning slow
And you’ve got nowhere to go
Deep breaths, clenched fists
I wanna go home

You’ll find me jumping off bridges
Don’t talk cause I’m not listening
Sink or swim, I can’t win
Spend my time always broke
Cause all I’m blowing is smoke
Scared to death of the things I love the most
Sink or swim I can’t win so I’ll keep floating

All my life I’ve been told: earn yourself a good pay
You’ll be on your way
I don’t really understand how that’s supposed to help me
Cause when I look at my bank, it’s only numbers I see
Do you know of anyone selling happiness
I’ll pay whatever cause the truth is I can’t handle this

So when the gears are turning slow
And you’ve got nowhere to go
You’ll find out for yourself who you are and what you’re for
Keep your head above the clouds and you will never drown
Deep breaths, clenched fists
I wanna go right back home

With the current I’ll keep treading water
You’re taking the best of me
Devoid of all empathy
Searching for some personality
So don’t come rescue me
I’m doing fine
Pour myself a wine
Do it every night, forget it


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