Melodic Post-Hardcore 5-piece High Rise are gearing up to release their new EP, ‘Tides Will Take You’ on March 9th and to give fans a preview of what the EP has to offer, the London based band have revealed their new video for ‘Memories.’

The rapid number is dominated by crunching riffs and an all-round energetic tone that gives them plenty of promise for their debut EP.

The band made the following comment about the video:

“Overcoming obstacles that get in the way of something you really should be doing, we showed this through us wearing sheep masks at our day jobs to show how we’re all just sheep going with the flow until we get in the studio and just do what it is we’re supposed to be doing, doing what we love! And that’s mostly throttling our instruments around playing music! We feel others can relate in a way as everyone has their vices.”

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