Holy Roar Records have released a free Autumn sampler compilation on their bandcamp.

Entitled ‘Holy Roar Bitter Autumn 2014’, it includes tracks by 26 artists including Brontide, Coliseum, Gnarwolves and more. Each download comes with a 15% discount code for all merch on the site.

It also includes an exclusive new track by South East hardcore band Human Future. ‘All Must Wither’ is taken from their upcoming debut album and features guest vocals by Serena Cherry of Svalbard.

The full tracklisting is as follows:

1. Ithaca – Gæst
2. Gnarwolves – Boneyard
3. Bastions – The Water Tower
4. Coliseum – Love Under Will
5. MINE – Sleepwalk
6. Brontide –
7. Yautja – Humility // Humanity
8. Pariso – Delirium
9. Shambles in a Husk – Round Four
10. Employed to Serve – Perfect Smiles and Crooked Teeth
11. Talons – The Dreams Have No Dreams
12. Hogslayer – War Cries
13. OHHMS – Rise of the Herbivore
14. Stallone – Laboured Vessel
15. Up River – Confide
16. Human Future – All Must Wither
17. The Prestige – The Never Ending End
18. Let It Die – Boredom/Intertia
19. Body Hound – Rhombus Now
20. Artemis – Dark Passenger
21. More Than Life – What’s Left of Me
22. Rough Hands – Nothing’s Changed
23. The Physics House Band – Abraxical Collapse (Three Trapped Tigers Remix)
24. Svalbard – Ripped Apart
25. We Never Learned to Live – Masquerades (demo)
26. Secret Cutter – Deformed Eye

You can listen to the sampler by clicking read more.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Holy Roar Bitter Autumn 2014 Sampler by Holy Roar Records</a>

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