Next Monday, Australian metal/hardcore outfit In Hearts Wake will be releasing their latest full-length ‘Skydancer’. To give fans a preview of what to expect, a new track called ‘Erase’ has been released online. It features a guest appearance from Hacktivist’s J Hurley and Ben Marvin.

Vocalist Jake Taylor shared this comment on ‘Erase’:

“We can’t believe that racism still exists in the twenty first century. We’re all human beings living on the same planet, the only home we’ve ever known. The atrocities that our species have committed towards each other isn’t even summed up by the word ‘horrific.’ We all eat, sleep, and have two eyes, two arms, two legs and a nose. We really aren’t all that different from each other. ‘Our souls are like one another, our veins are similar in colour’– You think society would have figured it out by now that the real issue isn’t the difference between our neighbour, but our inability to work together towards a common goal; sustaining here on planet Earth.”

In additional news, the Byron Bay quartet have released an online video game called ‘Sky Hoppers’. The game allows fans to unlock a track called ‘Insomnia’ and enter a competition to win a rare test pressing of the album. You can play the game here.

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