This October is brimming with album and EP releases. Here at Already Heard HQ, we’ve been trying not to be too overwhelmed by the abundance of new music that’s about to drop this month… but in a good way!

This month’s edition of “Incoming” includes new releases from familiar names such as of Black PeaksCoheed and Cambria, and Basement are joined by some smaller acts such as SylarRedwoodGod Complex, and Coast to Coast.

All month, the busybodies here at Already Heard are going to be hard at work generating content surrounding these releases for you lovely lot to consume, but it all starts here, with our 12 must hear releases for October 2018!

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Black Peaks – All That Divides

We’re long-established fans of Brighton heavyweights Black Peaks at Already Heard, making 2016 debut ‘Statues’ our album of that year. And can you blame us? When a band presents songs with towering structures that defy any expectation and pull influence from everyone from Every Time I Die to Radiohead, you have to support it with all your love and admiration.

Follow-up album ‘All That Divides’ was recorded in two weeks in a snow-covered mansion in Hampshire with producer Adrian Bushby (Muse, Foo Fighters), with the band’s full intention to create and undeniable step-up from their debut. Singles ‘Can’t Sleep’, ‘Home’ and ‘Electric Fires’ each take listeners on ascending passages of emotive progressive hardcore, complete with eloquent guitar melodies and enormous choruses. And each song gives frontman Will Gardner a chance to use his dynamic vocal range to maximum effect.

Following up ‘Statues’ was going to be a struggle, but Black Peaks have showed us their next step with ‘All That Divides’. It’s an immense sounding record that provides catchy hooks without sacrificing the rich musicianship or intensity of their prog and hardcore roots. And it’s a pleasure to have them back in our lives at AH. (AD)

‘All That Divides’ by Black Peaks is released on 5th October on Rise Records.

Black Peaks links: Website Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Coheed and Cambria – The Unheavenly Creatures

Coheed and Cambria are a band that, let’s be honest, no longer need an introduction. Having formed over 20 years ago with now eight LP’s in their catalogue, Coheed are an unstoppable force in the prog scene. Now part of the Roadrunner Records roster, ‘The Unheavenly Creatures’ sees them return to the Amory Wars narrative after 2015’s ‘The Color Before the Sun’ saw Coheed step away in favour of a streamline alt-rock sound.

With a plethora of material from the upcoming album already having seen the light of day, it’s clear the band have excelled in producing mighty anthemic moments underpinned with chugging riffs. For example, the albums titular track, sees Sanchez’ dynamic vocals soar with an eloquence that Coheed have become adored for.

As for the album’s concept, ‘The Unheavenly Creatures’ takes place in an elaborate sci-fi world with the story being based around two star-crossed lovers-turned bank robbers. It’s sure to be another immersive and thoroughly detailed chapter of The Amory Wars. (FRJ)

‘The Unheavenly Creatures’ by Coheed and Cambria is released on 5th October on Roadrunner Records.

Coheed and Cambria links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Sylar – Seasons

The nu-metal revival continues with the release of Sylar’s latest effort, ‘Seasons’. The Queens, NY, natives carry their blend of rap and metal into October but with a slightly softer touch this time round, with a possible aim to be at the forefront of the revival.

‘All or Nothing’ is a radio-friendly track that harks back to ‘Meteora’-era Linkin Park, with big riffs intercut with lead vocalist Jayden Parnesso’s bars. It’s definitely much more accessible than the band’s last outing, and will no doubt give the band some decent traction into the album’s launch.

Currently on tour with Beartooth over in the States, it’ll be difficult to avoid the Sylar takeover in the coming months, so you’d best brace yourself. (BM)

‘Seasons’ by Sylar is released 5th October on Hopeless Records.

Sylar links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Basement – Beside Myself

It seemed like the album cycle for ‘Promise Everything’, Basement’s third album released in early 2016, was never going to end. Taking them on numerous tours, various festival and on to a bigger label, Fueled By Ramen.

Nevertheless, the quintet got their heads down earlier this year to write, record and co-produce album number 4; ‘Beside Myself’. Having considerably already built a strong back catalogue of melodic emo/alt-rock, as witnessed at 2000trees this past summer, leadoff single ‘Disconnect’ is sure to fit right in ahead of their upcoming UK tour. It’s considerably their most “accessible” song to date but we’re not complaining. With its somewhat lighter, more harmonious drive, that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Jimmy Eat World record, makes for an addictive slice of straight rock.

At the time of writing, the only other song fans have heard from the record is ‘Stigmata’. Although not as instantly favourable as ‘Disconnect’, it blends the latter’s laid-back tone with a gradual underpinned grittiness yet it retains Basement’s newfound melodious approach.

Whether or not this will be Basement’s breakthrough is to be determined. Either way, it’s good to have them back. (SR)

‘Beside Myself’ by Basement is released on 12th October on Fueled By Ramen.

Basement links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Hellions – Rue

Hot off the heels of their critically acclaimed 2016 album, ‘Opera Oblivia’, Australia’s hardcore punks seem to be taking a slightly lighter approach to this year’s ‘Rue’. While not as aggressive or breakdown heavy as their former works, songs like ‘Smile’ and ‘X’ deliver punches that are borne from Hellions’ catchy melodies and confidence in writing a tight riff.

‘X’ is the lead single from the album, having dropped earlier this year, and deals with singer Dre Faivre’s fear that he’s approaching the twilight of his prime following the success the last two years have brought the band. There’s reassurance in the song, with Dre reminding himself he’s not even as old as Freddie Mercury was when he wrote ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

Introspection has always been a theme that’s skirted the edge of Hellions’ music, with select songs diving deeper. It could be that on ‘Rue’, we’re getting to see a much more personal side of the band. (BM)

‘Rue’ by Hellions is released on 19th October on UNFD.

Hellions links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

High On Fire – Electric Messiah

2018 has been a full-on year for Matt Pike. The first half was spent selling out tours with Sleep and releasing their long-awaited new album ‘The Sciences’ on stoner holiday, April 20th. The latter half sees Pike step back into frontman role for the eighth High On Fire release, ‘Electric Messiah’.

While High on Fire pride themselves on their grand and elaborate concepts behind their songwriting, Pike explains the song’s title track came to him after a dream in which he met the late Lemmy Kilmister who angrily told him “You’re trying to take my throne, boy!? You can’t do that!” What results is an adrenaline rush of crunchy metallic hardcore, where Pike, drummer Des Kensel and bassist Jeff Matz intertwine their haywire instrumentation over four minutes without taking a single break.

Joining forces once again with Converge guitarist/production mastermind Kurt Ballou, ‘Electric Messiah’ promises to be another intense outing for High On Fire. It’s also one that promises to be more frivolous and ridiculous in it’s guitar work than ever before, and that’s very exciting indeed. (AD)

‘Electric Messiah’ by High On Fire is released on 5th October on Entertainment one Music.

High On Fire links: WebsiteFacebook Twitter | Instagram

Justin Courtney Pierre – In the Drink

Fans of Motion City Soundtrack rejoice! Former lead singer Justin Courtney Pierre returns this month with his debut solo album ‘In the Drink’. You need only glance at the artwork – a photo of him doing a flying kick – to see he’s coming out fighting, sense of humour intact.

As the singles prove, over the ten short pointed tracks you can expect more of those trademark witticisms, crunchy guitars and catchy hooks. ‘I Don’t Know Why She Ran Away’ features a bouncing riff and sees Justin use his delicate falsetto, rip out a guitar solo, everything he does best.

‘In the Drink’ is a faster, almost breathless, punky number. Thoroughly exciting, both songs bring to mind his former band’s most exhilarating works while also pushing his own sound forward. And with a song called ‘Ready Player One’, you know his geek credentials remain in order. (IK)

‘In the Drink’ by Justin Courtney Pierre is released on 12th October on Epitaph Records.

Justin Courtney Pierre links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Redwood – Lay Your Love Down EP

After a smattering of standalone singles, Hertfordshire quintet Redwood look to leave an impression with their second EP – ‘Lay Your Love Down’. And from the two tracks released so far, they’re certain to be pinned down as “ones to watch”.

Where 2016’s ‘Blood Moon’ honed in a harmonious emo-tinged, math-rock sound, ‘Lay Your Love Down’ promises to be a more expansive, and in places, explosive EP. Both ‘In Your Arms’ and ‘Mother’ highlight their depth and flair for producing dreamy melodies with dizzying guitars. On the latter, Alex Birchall’s luscious vocals are complemented by gorgeous instrumentation with an upbeat undertone. Whereas ‘In Your Arms’ ideally captures their “dreamo” sound with sparkling harmonies and angular guitars. (SR)

As part of the always reliable Failure By Design Records roster, we have a feeling Redwood will become a hidden gem amongst this month’s wealth of releases. (SR)

‘Lay Your Love Down’ EP by Redwood is released on 5th October on Failure By Design Records.

Redwood links: Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

Estrons – You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough

With their debut album just days away, Cardiff based noise-makers Estrons’ work is a piece that is eagerly awaited. Estrons are a band that have reached critical acclaim with their snarling post-punk that contains a pop accessibility.

Thematically, Estrons take to channelling their distress against social constructs with the grit of guitar driven fury. Their material makes engaging statements that resonate. Their latest single, ‘Body’, from the forthcoming album is an empowering instalment based on celebrating yourself in all its forms.

Live, the outfit are riotous where their grunge infused sound with contemporary hooks. They have recently returned from a string of European shows, and have supported none other than Garbage. Their debut album is a work that has been anticipated for what feels like an eternity,
where we can’t wait to hear it. (FRJ)

‘You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough’ by Estrons is released on 5th October on Gofod Records.

Estrons links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Coast to Coast – The World Doesn’t Work

One of the UK’s finest up-and-comers in the pop-punk scene, Coast to Coast, are set to release their third EP, ‘The World Doesn’t Work’, this month and it sees the band continue their emo-tinged blend of the genre.

Lead single ‘Be Kind’ is a roaring re-introduction to the band, that sees heartfelt melodies sync up with another powerful vocal performance. It’s another Coast to Coast song that sounds written for the stage, so brush up on the words if you’re going to see them live later in the year.

A band primed to reach beyond the confines of the UK scene, Coast to Coast are a band to watch going into 2019. (BM)

‘The World Doesn’t Work’ EP by Coast to Coast is released on 26th October on Fox Records.

Coast to Coast links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

God Complex – Created Sick EP

With song titles such as ‘Breeding Filth’, ‘Slumlord’ and ‘Ordered To Be Well’, it’s clear ‘Created Sick’, the debut EP from Liverpudlian newcomers God Complex isn’t for the weak. Having released two downright nasty stand-alone singles, ‘ Hate Runs Through Me’ and ‘ Insignificant’ earlier this year, the Merseyside quartet are sure to deliver a filthy set of blackened hardcore on ‘Created Sick’.

If ‘Breeding Filth’ is anything to go by, then you can expect a feisty, brutal and heavy as f*ck EP with the fat ripped off with sharp teeth. The track is a two and a half minute onslaught on the senses; intense and raw with a pulsating tempo. Sure its gritty and unwelcoming yet leaves you wanting more.

God Complex are said to be on a mission to destroy everything that stands in their way. Their destructive arsenal of sludge, doom, hardcore, thrash, punk and metal is sure to bulldoze through with a lasting impression. (SR)

‘Created Sick’ EP by God Complex is released on 5th October on Venn Records.

God Complex links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Chasing Dragons – Faction

Leeds-based metal band Chasing Dragons made a big impression with their 2014 EP ‘Checkmate’. You only need to listen to the extraordinary talents of lead vocalist, Tank, to understand why. Her powerful delivery fits perfectly with the band’s blend of dark atmosphere and searing metal licks.

Debut album ‘Faction’ is set to build on those foundations. Crowd-funded, and with changes behind the scenes, it’s been a long road to release, but teaser EP ‘Faction: Prologue’ provided plenty to be excited about. Not just showing off the band’s softer side, it also gave us the blistering ‘Whitehorse’; a barrage of riffs and squealing guitars unlike anything they’ve penned before.

The mix by Lee Batiuk (Deaf Havana) has given these songs real depth, pushing the band’s hard-rock swagger to new heights. Chasing Dragons have never sounded so thrilling, and newest single ‘Like Gravity’ confirms that ‘Faction’ really will be something special. (IK)

‘Faction’ by Chasing Dragons is released on 5th October.

Chasing Dragons links: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Words by Ben Mills (BM), Andy Davidson (AD), Ffion Riordan-Jones (FRJ), Ian Kenworthy (IK), and Sêan Reid (SR).

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