With festival season coming to a close, September sees a haul of exciting new releases. With such an overwhemling amount of albums out this month, it’s been difficult for the Already Heard team to pick out a selection of stand out releases. Nevertheless, we’ve picked out 13 noteworthy releases for September and we’ve not even included the likes of Touché Amoré, Beach Slang, Young Guns, Of Mice & Men, Norma Jean, Boston Manor, Skinny Lister, Casey, and Kamikaze Girls.

Like we said, there is a lot of new music on offer this month. Anyway, here’s 13 “must-hear” releases for September.

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A Day To Remember – Bad Vibrations

Although they have the shadow of their final court case with former label, Victory Records, casting over them, that hasn’t stopped Ocala, Florida’s A Day To Remember from doing what they do best; produce mosh-ready pop-punk for the masses.


Album number six, ‘Bad Vibrations’ is the quintet’s most aggressive output in years. Fuelled by the aforementioned legal issues, its title track along with ‘Paranoia’ thrive on that frustration. It sees ADTR in their rawest yet most blunt form. Despite their legal issues, ‘Bad Vibrations’ is sure to be another statement of defiance from the quintet. (SR)

‘Bad Vibrations’ by A Day To Remember is released on September 2nd on ADTR Records and distributed by Epitaph Records.

A Day To Remember links: Website|Facebook|Titter|Instagram

Every Time I Die – Low Teens

If you don’t know by now, Buffalo’s Every Time I Die have a track record of delivering wrecking balls of chaotic rock, and ‘Low Teen’ looks to be no different.

The three songs we’ve heard so far, ‘Glitches’, ‘The Coin Has A Say’ and ‘C++ (Love Will Get You Killed)’, contain everything we love about ETID; frantic drums, neck-breaking riffs, underlying grooves, and Keith Buckley’s swagger-infused roaring vocals.


With every release, Every Time I Die subtly expand their musical pallet. ‘Low Teens’ is set to continue this trend, as we’re sure it’ll be another gloriously unhinged collection. (SR)

‘Low Teens’ by Every Time I Die is released on September 23rd on Epitaph Records.

Every Time I Die links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Taking Back Sunday – Tidal Wave

Do this: load up ‘Tidal Wave’. Press play and then close your eyes. What do you hear? That’s right, a different Taking Back Sunday.


Reaction to the bands output since reuniting the classic ‘Tell All Your Friends’ line-up in 2010 has been indifferent. Nevertheless, ‘Tidal Wave’ hints at a reinvigorated TBS, one that thrives on new creativity and one that is unwilling to fall into the trap of becoming a nostalgia act. Likewise, ‘You Can’t Look Back’, continues the trend of the quintet freeing themselves from the shackles of emo rock with this seventh full-length potentially honing an expansive TBS sound. It all sounds very promising and intriguing. Definitely a record that will grab people off guard. (SR)

‘Tidal Wave’ by Taking Back Sunday is released on September 16th on Hopeless Records.

Taking Back Sunday links: Website|FacebookTwitter

Pixies – Head Carrier

Pixies 2014 comeback collection of tracks from assorted EPs, ‘Indie Cindy’ was a fine record, featuring a notable crunch to the guitar sound, taking the band in a slightly rockier direction. Although it was somewhat removed from the hard edged indie of classic albums like ‘Surfer Rosa’ and possibly lacking the creative input of departed bassist Kim Deal, it was still a Pixies record and therefore head and shoulders above most of the alternative rock world.


So, there is quite a lot of anticipation as to what they might do next, making the release of ‘Head Carrier’ on September 30th a bit of an event for alternative rockers th6e world over. According to band leader Frank Black the sound will have more in common with “early-Pixies slosh” and if lead off tracks ‘Um Chagga Lagga’, with its rockabilly swagger and the left-field ‘Talent’ are anything to go by, it promises to be another maverick collection of quality indie rock. (EL)

‘Head Carrier’ by Pixies is released on September 30th on Pixiesmusic/Play It Again Sam.

Pixies links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Yellowcard – Yellowcard

In music, such as in life, few things play at the emotions quite like a goodbye. And when Yellowcard drop their self-titled, self-produced and final studio album this month that’s exactly what we’ll be getting. The key act in a protracted and bittersweet curtain call that will culminate with the Florida native’s final shows at the end of the year. We’ve known it’s coming for a while now, but that doesn’t make the prospect of letting go of one of the brightest sources of hope, healing through shared pain and life defining anthems that this generation of pop-punk and rock fans has had any easier.


If penultimate album ‘Lift a Sail’ was an odyssey of feels and triumphant never say die guitars and strings, then this self-titled affair is set to be a sweeping, all-encompassing charge into oblivion that’s every bit as heart-wrenching as it is heart-warming. Prepare for Key, Mackin, Mendez and Portman to leave us with one last collection of songs that as always bring just the right words that you needed to hear and a soundscape that’s as soul grabbing as they come. Even the preview tracks ‘Rest In Peace’ and ‘The Hurt is Gone’ already have us fumbling awkwardly for a hankie and a hug. (DW)

‘Yellowcard’ by Yellowcard is released on September 30th on Hopeless Records.

Yellowcard links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

This Wild Life – Low Tides

Back in 2014 Kevin Jordan and Anthony Del Grosso appeared seemingly out of nowhere to dazzle fans and critics alike with one of the year’s standout debut albums. Nobody quite knew what to expect from the duo, better known as This Wild Life, who had scrapped a heavier punk sound in favour of being entirely acoustic. What we got from ‘Clouded’ was spellbinding, faultless acoustic emo. It’s meandering guitar lines exquisite, it’s melodies even more so.


Now though we’re wise to the pair’s rascally ability to bring the sort of feelings and memories we all bury down deep kicking and screaming to the surface. So with imminent second album ‘Low Tides’, they’ve only gone and made the whole thing even more effortlessly moving, wrought with lyrical hurt and sorrow and sonically consuming. As part of a liberating evolution of TWL’s sound producers Aaron Marsh and Jason Suwito have encouraged the addition of cascades of synth, strings and expansive instrumentation that ebb and flow around those picture perfect guitars. Think grandiose scale, aching fragility and prepare to lose yourself willingly anew in each song. (DW)

‘Low Tides’ by This Wild Life is released on September 9th on Epitaph Records.

This Wild Life links: Facebook|Twitter

Twin Atlantic – GLA

When it comes to releasing albums, Twin Atlantic are a band that have previously really taken their sweet time about it. Although in fairness, between LPs one and two they did tour every corner of the globe, wowing stadiums and supporting a who’s who of the international rock scene. When they returned they’d taken the flag waving, anthemic Scot rock and turned up the volume, the scale and that unshakeable Glaswegian self-confidence until the songs were as big as the venues they’d visited. Still, it had been three years. An eternity in rock terms. So their announcement last summer that the ’Great Divide’ cycle was done after just a year was fairly surpising and suggested they wouldn’t hang about with album three. But we didn’t expect that new album, ’GLA’, to be with us quite this quickly.


Even less did we expect they’d have torn up swathes of their tried and trusted formula and almost completely re-written it. Although that might have something to do with that aforementioned unshakable self-confidence, as the first new tracks to drop ‘Gold Elephant: Cherry Alligator’ and ‘No Sleep’, positively crackled with the stuff. And it isn’t Twin as we knew them. Sam and the boys have had the sentimental anthems on a strict diet of Buckfast and the indie swagger of their compatriots Franz Ferdinand and The Fratellis and set them loose fists flying. Its unpredictable, swaggering alt-rock sliced through with razor sharp spiky indie riffs. And we suspect it’ll be just a bit bloody awesome. (DW)

‘GLA’ by Twin Atlantic is released on September 9th on Red Bull Records.

Twin Atlantic links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Against Me! – Shape Shift With Me

Following up a seminal, likely career defining album can be hard work for any band. Never mind one as bold, statement making and head turning as ’Transgender Dysphoria Blues’. So exactly where Against Me! go next had us waiting with bated breath. We can confirm ‘Shape Shift With Me’ is set to pick up the unflinching, no innermost secret too small narrative and scorching punk rock aesthetic right where TDB left off. Although this time it’s not a searing statement of the Trans community staking it’s place at the heart of punk rock. Instead we get Grace the storyteller, narrator to rough and tumble rock and roll travels, swelling feelings thrusting themselves defiantly above the grime, darkness and anarchic tendencies.


Add into the mix a line-up that has spent more time together on the road then most families between records, and the free flow of ideas and creativity that results from such closeness, and we’re expecting an album that’s as invigorating, taboo busting and lyrically challenging as they come. Hell dare we say it, possibly even the punk rock album of 2016. Whatever happens, buckle up as the First Lady of punk rock is set to take us all on yet another thrill ride. Don’t believe us? Just check out ‘Haunting, Haunted, Haunts’ that see’s today’s Against Me! slug it out with the ghosts of their former incarnations to glorious effect. (DW)

‘Shape Shift With Me’ by Against Me! is released on September 6th on Total Treble/Xtra Mile Recordings.

Against Me! links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Anna’s Anchor – Nautical Miles

The Irish invasion shows little sign of abating, and after the worldwide success of The Winter Passing, Limerick’s Anna’s Anchor are poised to be the next big break out from the Emerald Isle.


Driven by the vision of Limerick’s Marty Ryan, Anna’s Anchor play some of the most engaging indie-rock/emo this side of Into It. Over It. Anthemic and passionate, with some killer hooks, breezy melodies and strong lyrics, Ryan has already made a winning start thanks to some water-tight song-writing and a Trojan’s work ethic, which has included visiting and writing songs about remote Irish islands. Established faves here at Already Heard (after all, we sponsored the unbelievable co-headline between Anna’s Anchor and fellow emo hero Brightr), ‘Nautical Miles’ should catapult Ryan into a much wider arena and far beyond the confines of the emo scene. (RM)

‘Nautical Mile’ by Anna’s Anchor is released on September 23rd on Struggle Town / Never Meant Records.

Anna’s Anchor links: Facebook|

Anthony Jay Sanders – I Will Be The One Who Goes

Anthony Jay Sanders and his pals in The Island of Misfit Toys released one of the best albums of 2015 with the often gorgeous and frequently thrilling ‘I Made You Something’. Now, after having released a collection of tracks recorded over the last few years as a teaser in the Spring, he’s back with the first album proper to carry his name.

I Will Be the One Who Goes by Anthony Jay Sanders

Promising to be more personal than the often extravagant sound and freewheeling ideas of The Island of Misfit Toys, ‘I Will Be the One Who Goes’ will offer a real insight into what makes one of the most interesting songwriters around tick.

Early signs are good too. ‘Mother’s Day Money’ possesses the crazed tempo changes and heartfelt lyrics that made for a winning combination on ‘I Made You Something’, while ‘Marissa’, written in honour of a good friend, showcases Sanders’ joyous arrangements at their sparkling best. (RM)

‘I Will Be The One Who Goes’ by Anthony Jay Sanders is released on September 30th on Near Mint.

Anthony Jay Sanders links: Facebook|

Itoldyouiwouldeatyou – I Am Not Your Fault EP

There’s been a considerable buzz around indie/emo upstarts itoldyouiwouldeatyou since they first burst onto the scene in 2014. A handful of killer demos, singles and EPs has done little to dampen expectations, which are now at fever pitch ahead of the release of the group’s new EP, ‘I Am Not Your Fault’.


Promising more gorgeous twinkly emo, the UK’s answer to the World Is A Beautiful Place combine the best of the US revival sound with classic UK emo in the vein of My Awesome Compilation and TANAOU. If the early teasers fulfil potential then ‘I Am Not Your Fault’ should be a landmark release for the UK’s burgeoning DIY indie/emo scene. (RM)

‘I Am Not Your Fault’ EP by Itoldyouiwouldeatyou is released on September 23rd on Failure By Design Records.

itoldyouiwouldeatyou links: Facebook|

Signals Midwest – At This Age

’At This Age’ is album number four for Ohio’s Signals Midwest, and it finally feels like they are ready to make a dent into the wider consciousness – especially considering the underground success of 2013’s excellent ‘Light On The Lake’.

At This Age by Signals Midwest

What made ‘Light on the Lake’ so spectacular was its urgency and passionate delivery, which worked beautifully with the twinkly guitar work and labyrinthine song structures. But people change, and it’s this theme, of growing older and adapting that colours the Evan Weiss-produced ‘At This Age’. The charm of Signals Midwest still shines strong, yet it’s more considered and focused, promising some of the most perfect slices of indie-rock you will hear all year. (RM)

‘St This Age’ by Signals Midwest is released on September 2nd on Tiny Engines.

Signals Midwest links: Facebook|

Expire – With Regret

The release of ‘With Regret’, the third full length from Milwaukee’s Expire will be a bittersweet release following the group’s announcement to call it a day after a sting of tour dates. However, Expire aren’t the kind of group that will go out on a whimper, and this record is guaranteed to let them bow out kicking, screaming and without any kind of grace. Much like the best hardcore bands.


‘With Regret’ promises to be a heavier follow-up to their blistering sophomore effort; ‘Pretty Low’. It promises to vent the aggression from failed relationships, painful self-reflection and anxiety through curb-stomping riffs and a number of twists from outside the confines of hardcore thrown in for good measure. ‘Fighting the Slip’ gives us a first taste of the album, rounding off at a minute-and-a-half and packed with mid-paced beatdowns guaranteed to make any venue start moving. This has the potential to be one of the most visceral and pummeling releases of 2016. (AD)

‘With Regret’ by Expire is released on September 23rd on Bridge Nine Records.

Expire links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Sêan Reid (SR), Dane Wright (DW), Rob Mair (RM), Edward Layland (EL) and Andy Davidson (AD).

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