After an overwhelming February, March is no different as a wave of up and coming names make themselves known with new releases. Whilst there are a few familiar names rearing their heads as they make their return.

With a host of names set to unleash new material, Already Heard has once again picked out a selectio of must-hear releases for the coming months. So read and find out which 6 releases you should seek out in March.

Ducking Punches – Fizzy Brain

The mere fact that a record is getting released on Xtra Mile is generally universally accepted to be a hallmark of it’s quality. But couple that with the band releasing said album being one of the most instantly likeable and hard working folk punk acts in the county and that becomes one damned joyful prospect indeed. That’s exactly what we get this month when Norwich’s own Ducking Punches put out their XM debut ‘Fizzy Brain.’ If we’re honest it’s a release we’ve been excited about since we saw the band smash their BBC Introducing set at Leeds Fest and it won’t disappoint.

Expect writing that crackles and sparks with ingrained life experience, choruses that make you want to bellow every last ounce off happiness and regret in your body out along with frontman Dan Allen and liberal additions of electric guitar lines in amongst the glorious mix of acoustic guitars and strings that will see Ducking Punches at their biggest and boldest yet. And that’s before you even consider a killer guest appearance on the very first track.

Basically by the time ‘Fizzy Brain’ brings it’s delightfully grungy brand of romping folk punk to a close you’ll want to buy the collective members of Ducking Punches a pint and make them your new best mates. Then you’ll immediately play it again. A release not to be missed. (DW)

‘Fizzy Brain’ by Ducking Punches is released on 4th March on Xtra Mile Recordings.

Brightr – Year One

By the time you read this, Laurie Cottingham (AKA Brightr) will have played 34(!) gigs this year, hitting stages everywhere from Lucerne to Canterbury, Antwerp to Berlin. He’s shared the stage with The Front Bottoms, the Barnett brothers and Left Out, and he’s seemingly willing to hit a stage anywhere in Europe at the drop of a hat. While the glamour of life on the road may seem alluring, it’s easy to forget that touring is bloody hard work – and Cottingham has the work ethic of a man possessed.

Yet what’s even more remarkable is that Cottingham has achieved all of this without a full-length album to his name – although this will all change when ‘Year One’ finally drops later this month.

Drawing together all his live favourites, ‘Year One’ is filled with engaging, heartfelt acoustic indie/emo that hits hard and true but which is also enjoyed with a beer with friends. Prepare to get excited… (RM)

‘Year One’ by Brightr is released on 11th March.


With tracks like ‘Body Blood’ and ‘Great Entertainment’ in their arsenal, an excellent showing at last year’s Camden Rocks and a slew of standout performances supporting Seether back in August, there’s a whole heap of reasons why LTNT’s new album ‘RANK’ should be a seriously big deal.

The duo are diving into their most ambitious year yet with four albums due out between now and December; a grand vision but all signs point to LTNT being capable of knocking it out of the park. There’s already something captivating about the London outfit, but 2016 doesn’t seem like a year where LTNT are going to give anyone a chance to take their eyes away.

Rank by LTNT

‘RANK’’s opening track ‘Abso-Regular’ has been made available to stream through LTNT’s Bandcamp and what a way to kick an album off. It’s difficult to sell a record any better, but the duo are sweetening the deal with a full colour zine which looks like a must-have on its own. It seems like LTNT are on the cusp of a dominant 2016. Our eyes and ears are ready, and the next nine months look set to be a very rewarding experience for all involved. (AL)

‘RANK’ by LTNT is released on 11th March on Maybe Records.

The Falcon – Gather Up The Chaps

‘Gather Up The Chaps’ seems an appropriate title for a band made up of musicians who have already had success in their former settings. Labelled as the punk rock supergroup of our generation, The Falcon have spent over a decade ducking and diving in to their respective bands. Now they are flying high on a successful comeback and ready to provide us with some unfiltered, unapologetic mayhem.

It has been described as the album you wouldn’t want your parents to hear and quite frankly, we are inclined to agree. It is the modern day sex, drugs and rock n roll for a generation new metal fandom, ensuring we are blessed with a fresh outlook on the drabs of a fallen society. It’s a dark, vulgar tale we are excited to hear and revel in the hilarity. A compilation of our most precious secrets, in musical glory. The Falcon are back and are pretty darn good at making us squirm. Just don’t share it with your mum. (GR)

‘Gather Up The Chaps’ by The Falcon is released on 18th March on Red Scare Industries.

Young and Heartless – Stay Away

Following up their 2014 debut LP ‘The Pull of Gravity,’ Young and Heartless are plowing on through 2016 with the release of ‘Stay Away.’ Current single ‘Punch Drunk (LOA)’ has been doing the rounds on social media and looks set to be a turning point in their five year career as a band.

‘Stay Away’ takes a look at the mellow side of life whilst delving into a dark mindset. It is nothing overly earth shattering or groundbreaking but it does offer up a distinctive sound that keeps us with them till the bitter end.

For those who, like us, can appreciate a bit of soul searching and epiphany style ramblings then you should be eager to take a listen. Their melanchology tones had us intrigued and their tales of life’s changes is relatable and almost endearing. To support the release they are heading out on tour with Saosin. But until then we can keep chill and enjoy their vibe. (GR)

‘Stay Away’ by Young and Heartless is released on 25th March on Hopeless Records.

Metal Church – XI

With the return of vocalist Mike Howe more than 20 years after leaving the band, the influential bay area metal heads are back with their eleventh studio album, ‘XI’, later this month. Kurdt Vanderhoof formed Metal Church way back in 1980 as part of the original thrash scene, but they never really managed to scale similar heights as their peers, possibly due to the constant personnel changes, or maybe as a result of their more traditional sound.

Even so, Kurdt and Co. have retained a hard core of fans and a certain cult status, so it will be interesting to see how the new material stands up alongside the new generation and the reinvigorated old school, especially given the retro metal feel to teaser track `Killing Your Time’. (EL)

‘XI’ by Metal Church is released on 25th March on Nuclear Blast Records.

Words by Dane Wright (DW), Rob Mair (RM), Georgie Robbins, Antony Lusmore (AL) and Edward Leyland (EL).

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