After a chaotic May, the mayhem is set to continue in June. With the rock and metal festival juggernaut known as Download Festival taking place this month, there is also a handful of anticipated albums from established bands, as well as a selection of promising releases from emerging acts.

As always Already Heard is on hand to pick out a select the most noteworthy releases for this month.

Letlive. – If I’m The Devil…

With every album release, expectations for Letlive. to deliver become higher and higher, nevertheless with their ‘If I’m The Devil…’ the LA group look set to continue their growth. From the three tracks already released to the public, Jason Aalon Butler and company look set to expand their pallet of sounds and lyrical exploration. ‘Good Mourning, America’ takes a sharp, straightforward take on the race riots and the police brutality that has dominated headlines throughout America in recent years, serving as a statement of intent. The slow-burning ‘Reluctantly Dead’ is stirring with Butler’s impassioned taking center stage before erupting in an anthemic fasion in its chorus, whilst ‘Another Offensive Song’ roars with pure aggression as Butler declares “We’ll rip your ear drums out”.

It has all the makings of another impactful collection of songs for the Soul Punx. The bands throught-provoking, social and political awareness looks to be the core of ‘If I’m The Devil…’. Whilst their ever-expanding genre-crossing output serves to be as organic as always. (SR)

‘If I’m The Devil…’ by Letlive. is released on June 10th on Epitaph Records.

Letlive. links: Website|Facebook|Twitter


Beartooth – Aggressive

In the two years since Beartooth released their debut album ‘Disgusting’, the Columbus, Ohio have achieved a lot to the point that its follow-up is one of the most anticipated releases this summer. ‘Aggressive’ is just exactly what it says. From the opening moments of its title track, Beartooth deliver another array of powerful, riff-filled hardcore that thrives on being as boisterous possible.

Songs such as ‘Loser’, ‘Censored’ and ‘Hated’ serve as a battlecry of defiance whilst closing track ‘Rock Is Dead’ takes a shot at the old-timers who claim the genre has had its time with Caleb Shomo declarying “If rock and roll is dead, you can kill me right now!”

With the album release being followed by an appearance on Download Festival’s main stage, ‘Aggressive’ is sure stir up a mosh-pit or two. You’ve been warned. (SR)

‘Aggressive’ by Beartooth is released on June 3rd on Red Bull Records.

Beartooth links: Website|Facebook|Twitter


Fatherson – Open Book

When Kilmarnock’s finest Fatherson dropped their debut album ’I Am An Island’ back in 2014 Already Heard waxed lyrical about just how bloody excellent it was. Roll the clock forward two years and we’re now even more excited about the imminent arrival of sophomore Fatherson album ‘Open Book’. The record marks the band’s Easy Life Records debut and is set to become an immediate album of the year contender.

The likes of ’Always’ and ’Lost Little Boys’ sees Ross Leighton and co add an infectious self-belief and immediacy to their already exquisite song construction that has all the hallmarks of superstars in waiting. Start exploring the myriad depths and wonder ’Open Book’ has to offer as soon as you can, before Fatherson do a Biffy become half of Britain’s new favourite rock act. (DW)

’Open Book’ by Fatherson is released on June 3rd on Easy Life / Red Essential.

Fatherson links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

imageEvarose – Invisible Monsters

It’s been nearly four years since we’ve seen a release from the Evarose camp, with the wait for a follow up to 2012’s Elements EP seemingly a never ending one. But now the Oxfordshire ladies are back with a bang, a biting new sound and they mean business. With a little help from a Pledge Music campaign the quartet are finally set to release their debut album ’Invisible Monsters’ this month. Judging by singles ’Provoke Me’ and latest offering ’Glitch’ gone are the bands softer pop sensibilities; arriving in their place a grittier straight up rock feel packing crunchy riffs aplenty and towering powerhouse choruses. It looks like in this case good things really come to those who wait. (DW)

‘Invisible Monsters’ by Evarose is released on June 24th.

links: Website|Facebook|Pledge Music|Twitter|


Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Getaway

Since guitarist Josh Klinghoffer filled the John Frusciante shaped hole in the Red Hot Chili Peppers back in 2009, only one album has seen the light of day. So, anticipation levels are high for the follow up to 2011’s ‘I’m With You’ and on June 17th, the wait for their eleventh studio album ‘The Getaway’ will finally be over.

Given the laid-back atmospheric vibe to teaser tracks ‘Dark Necessities’ and ‘The Getaway’ it looks like RHCP are continuing to take a more measured approach, so it’ll be interesting to see how their sound has developed, especially with Dangermouse at the production helm rather than long term collaborator Rick Rubin. Whatever the case may be, when you’ve sold over eighty million albums, had more than 25 top ten singles on the billboard chart and won multiple grammy awards a new album is not to be sniffed at. (EL)

’The Getaway’ by Red Hot Chili Peppers is released on June 17th on Warner Bros..

Red Hot Chili Peppers links:


Gojira – Magma

Four years is an eternity in the music industry, therefore it’s been an eternity since Gojira’s last venture ‘L’Enfant Sauvage’ graced our speakers. 2016 unleashes the ‘Magma’ of a new evolution for the French heavies, a somewhat renewed anger to add to their back catalogue. With imminent appearances at Download Festival and the Metal Hammer Golden Gods ceremony, Gojira are hitting all the right notes with fans and newcomers alike after 20 solid years together.

Significantly ‘Magma’ cuts back on their trademark song length, confidently adapting to the current consumption that tires of grandiose, epic tracks, favouring more direct anthems that never outstay their welcome. If the noodling melody of ‘Silvera’ and vengeful depth of ‘Stranded’ are anything to go by, their sixth opus looks set to revive an energy that no doubt still swells behind the amps of Gojira and is unlikely to leave any time soon. (AC)

’Magma’ by Gojira is released on June 17th on Roadrunner Records.

Gojira links: Website|Facebook|Twitter


Witterquick – Beneath The Spinning Lights EP

Also set to drop on June 17th is the long awaited debut EP, ‘Beneath The Spinning Lights’, from Devon based five-piece Witterquick. Having put in some hard work on the road making a name for themselves and finally securing a deal with LAB Records, it seems that things are starting to fall into place for this young band of melodic alt-rockers. With Romesh Dodangoda (BMTH, Twin Atlantic etc) holding the production reins and Alex Wharton mastering at Abbey Road, you can expect a polished final product that’s sure to gather new fans to their meaningful brand of anthemic rock. (EL)

‘Beneath The Spinning Lights’ by Witterquick is released on June 17th on LAB Records.

Witterquick links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram

Words by Sêan Reid (SR), Dane Wright (DW), Edward Leyland (EL), and Ali Cooper (AC) .

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