Influences: 3 Albums That Influenced Fairview

With ethereal melodies and a heavier grunge undertone, Bristol quartet Fairview are gradually winning over admirers with latest single ‘Warmth’ flourishing off the bands indie-gloom tendences. The four-piece, consisting of Josh Hough, Cameron Dickerson, Jake Matthews and Kitto Horsley, formed in 2014 and released their debut EP, ‘Moonlight,’ last summer. Recent singles ‘J’ai une âme solitaire’ and the aforementioned ‘Warmth’ has seen them hone their sound, taking in grunge, post-punk, shoegaze and indie elements as they refuse to confine to a certain genre.

To give you a better insight into what are all about, vocalist Josh Hough offered to tell us about three albums that have helped shaped the bands sound.

It’s very difficult to truly sum up the artists and albums that inspire Fairview as we draw from so many sounds and influences. I’m going to talk about three albums in particular.

The Cure – Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (1987)

This album is wonderful. It has pop hit ‘Just Like Heaven’, Funky classics ‘Hot, Hot, Hot!!!’ and ‘Why Can’t I Be You?“’’ and it even explores some psychedelic territory at times which can be heard on ‘If Only Tonight We Could Sleep’.

Robert Smith’s vocals are excellent throughout. I’ve always enjoyed his singing style. It’s recognisable and full of emotion. Instrumentally speaking, there is a lot to take in on this album and you can definitely sit down in the dark, put this album on and just listen. There’s Chorusy guitar, brass and awesome synth lines and some really great percussion.

The Smiths – Meat Is Murder (1985)

It was tough to decide on the most influential album by The Smiths. I think 1985’s ‘Meat is Murder’ takes the hotspot though. It certainly had a lot to stand up to after 1984’s Self Titled album and Hatful Of Hollow. I feel like this album can be overlooked sometimes because it doesn’t feature the big hits like ‘This Charming Man’, ‘There is a Light That Never Goes Out’ and ‘How Soon Is Now?’’ but it definitely features some of my favourite guitar work from The Smiths.

Opening with ‘The Headmaster Ritual’ we are immedietly introduced to Johnny Marr’s epic guitar work. The Basslines featured on this album are also personal favourite’s of mine. Andy Rourke really had a chance to shine through, particularly on ‘Rusholme Ruffians’ and ‘Barbarism Begins At Home’.

I can’t really bring up The Smiths without mentioning Morrissey, now can I? His ghostly vocals are somewhat more relaxed on this album compared to other work but I feel like it fits perfectly with the mood of the album. He certainly gets to display some of that raw passion on title track and final track of the album ‘Meat Is Murder’. I met drummer, Mike Joyce not so long ago and a lot of people were discussing this track with him. It’s clear that this track opened a lot of people’s eyes to the horrors of the meat industry and influenced people to becoming vegetarian. Being vegetarian myself, I admire how a simple song can be so influential on people’s life choices, even if some may consider it preachy.

Hrvrd – The Inevitable and I (2009)

I’ve included a much lesser known album than the two above and a much more recent addition to music history. I personally adore this album. I’ve listened to it so much and never got bored. It has a really moody, dreamy and sleepy appeal to it. The kind of album that takes me back to long night drives as a kid with the radio on as I drifted off. I reccomend this album as a listen for anybody, it has a lot to offer and is very dynamic. Track two ‘French Girls’ is very powerful. Beautiful vocals, flowing guitar and some incredible drumming. ‘An End Weight’ os another track I reccomend. It’s slower paced featuring piano but. The vocal performance is wonderful.

So those are the three bands/albums which have influenced us in some way. I think these artists personally speak to me because I have always admired male singers and musicians who are outright in touch with their feminine side. People like Bowie, Brett Anderson of Suede, Marc Bolan, Morrissey and Robert Smith all have this androgynous appeal.

Fairview will be touring the UK later this month:

21st Frog and Fiddle, Cheltenham w/ Rory Indiana
22nd The Victoria, Birmingham
25th Headline Show TBC, York
26th Start The Bus, Bristol w/ Pretend Happy
27th The Quadrant, Brighton w/ College

Fairview links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram


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