Influences: 5 Albums That Influenced Annisokay

Having built a strong following in their homeland, German metallers Annisokay are starting to make waves overseas. Tomorrow they release their third full-length – ‘Devil May Care’. Having got an EP of Michael Jackson covers out of their system earlier the year, album number three offers a set of fiery and dynamic songs that display the quintet’s versatility. Songs such as ‘Blind Lane’, ‘What’s Wrong’ and ‘Loud’ are delivered with intense emotion and passion.

With such an effective and engaging brand of metal, we sought out the band to find out about the band’s and the album’s that have influenced Annisokay.

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Incubus – Make Yourself

Philipp (guitar): Incubus is a band I grew up with when I started listen to harder music. Each album has its own style and they have influenced how I play my instrument, helping me to determine what does and doesn’t sound good. The lifestyle of the band, especially when they recorded the album in Morning View Studios in Malibu, gave me that special feeling to reach something similar with a band. Back in the days when I did have guitar lessons, I often practised Incubus songs.

Poison the Well – Opposite of December

Dave (shouts): This album wasn’t the first metalcore album I ever heard, but it was the most important one. The straight forward sound, the screams, the pointed clean vocals and the mood of the songs was an eye opening experience of new heavy music for me. Maybe it was in 2002. A good friend lent this album to me, as well as their third record ‘Tear From The Red’ on tape. Yes on tape! I felt in love with both. But ‘Opposite Of December’ is the one for me. I’ve listen to this record over and over again. It’s kind of a milestone in my life as an enthusiastic heavy music fan. Simply the soundtrack of my life!

Limp Bizkit – Significant Other

Christoph (clean vocals/guitar): When this record came out I couldn’t stop listening to it. It was a blast in creativity, proving that metal and rap music can blend perfectly. The unique guitar sound and style of Wes Borland still fascinates me and is the biggest influence in my guitar playing. Maybe this band and the first three records are the main reason I became a guitar player. So I’m very happy that Wes is back in Limp Bizkit; I’m curious as to how they will develop and how they will sound on their new record.

Dance Gavin Dance – Downtown Battle Mountain

Norbert (bass): Like the rest of the guys I started listening to metal music around the turn of the millennium. I’m deeply inspired by the big acts of nu-metal like Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Deftones and Mudvayne. In the middle of the 2000s Dance Gavin Dance were a band that changed the game for me, without heavy distorted guitars they sounded even heavier. It’s not often that something feels new and fresh. To this day Jonny Craig is still one of my favourite vocalists. His solo album ‘A Dream Is a Question You Don’t Know How to Answer’ is also one of my favourite records of all time. Even if Jonny and Dance Gavin Dance parted ways again, I’m glad they are all still making music.

The Intersphere – Interspheres Atmospheres

Nico (drums): I was probably influenced the most as a drummer by the German band The Intersphere. Especially by their second album ‘Interspheres Atmospheres’. I think it’s a masterpiece of alternative rock. It contains both magnificent melodies and thought-out rhythms, and the drummer Moritz Müller is a huge inspiration to me.

‘Devil May Care’ by Annisokay is released on November 11th on SPV/Long Branch.

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