Influences: 5 Albums That Influenced Arcaeon

Mixing the progressive technicality of Intervals and Polyphia with the metallic bite of Northlane, Arcaeon’s debut EP, ‘Balance’, is a hybrid of punchy prog metalcore. Over the course of its five songs, the Reading-based newcomers showcase a mix of complex riffs, atmospheric synths, admirable harmonies and intense screams.

Songs such as ‘Fresh’ and ‘Endeavour’ twist and turn with precision. While ‘Mind’s Eye’ cycles between melodic alt-metal, cinematic guitar solos and chaotic urgency. The blistering ‘Dysaxis’ stomps through with angst before providing one of the EP’s grandiose choruses, and ‘Legacies’ rumbles with it’s shuddering groove.

For a debut release, Arcaeon establish a bold, dynamic sound. Although it’s somewhat clear their influences come from a host of recent names from the worlds of prog, tech metal and metalcore, you may be surprised that their influences come from further afield. Read on to find out about the albums that have influenced each member of Arcaeon.

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Muse – Absolution

William Alex Young (Vocals): ‘Absolution’ is a grand, yet lyrically dark look at the end of the world that journeys through various genre influences and styles; notably the famous Bellamy piano solo in ‘Butterflies & Hurricanes’. This wide range of influences packed into an accessible rock format is something I adore about this album and many others by Muse.

Nobuo Uesmatsu – Final Fantasy 7 Soundtrack

Sam Machin (Guitars/Backing vocals): I taped the songs from my computer and carried them everywhere. The idea of a theme associated with a place or character opened a lot of doors and Its the first time I can remember having all my hairs stand on end. Nobuo Uematsu is a true genius given hardware limitations at his peak.

Koji Kondo – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Soundtrack

Rhys Thoma (Guitars): Start to finish, every piece, just incredible. This made me feel courageous and proud, and I’d love to start incorporating that into Arcaeon.

SikTh – The Trees Are Dead And Dried Out… Wait For Something Wild

Eifion Sweet (Bass): Never before had I heard a metal album where the bass played such a prominent role in the music, both rhythmically and when used as a more percussive instrument. The multiple playing styles in the bass, coupled with the changing styles between the tracks, make it my favourite album to this day.

Animals as Leaders – Animals as Leaders

Joe Farrell (Drums): This album was the gateway to all the progressive music I now listen to today – very eye-opening. The connection with the music was instant. What sub-genre it was didn’t matter to my 14-year-old brain, it was something new to me. Without this album, I would most likely call myself a jazz/fusion drummer, but it taught me metal can be just as musical in its own unique way.

‘Balance’ EP by Arcaeon is released on 26th January.

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