Influences: 5 Albums That Influenced ReVerbed

With their recent ‘Another Year, Still Here’ EP, Doncaster based quartet ReVerbed produce a concise and punchy collection of aggressive pop-rock. The male-female vocal talents of George Donoghue and Zoe Waugh combine well especially on tracks like ‘Bury Me’ and ‘Breathe In/Breathe Out’.

Throughout their is a blend of rock and pop sensibilities and it is clear the emerging four-piece have been inspired by a plethora of modern groups. But who especially influenced ReVerbed? Well thankfully they were more than willing to share us 5 albums that have helped shaped ReVerbed and ‘Another Year, Still Here’.

Fall Out Boy – From Under The Cork Tree
This album has been a forgotten treasure for some of us since it’s release in 2005, however our tour of France last Summer brought it back to life. We had the CD on repeat for 5 consecutive days in the car, not sure if it’s because we couldn’t be bothered to change it or we liked it so much, but it must have been played at least 30 times over the tour. The songs are ridiculously catchy, with clever lyrics and well written music to match. It was truly the soundtrack to our Summer and it is a time we will never forget. We played the best gigs we’ve ever played, met some amazing people and had so much fun. We all love this album and reminds us of such a great time together.

Biffy Clyro – Infinity Land
Josh (Drums): This is my favourite Biffy record. This album has a real focus to it, a real sense that all the members are on the same page. That’s an effect the rest of ReVerbed and I wanted on this record. Focusing on the drums, Ben Johnson’s approach to the songs is a really unique approach that I often try to incorporate. Odd time signatures and non-standard drum grooves to really give an interesting feel to the tune. I think this record’s a really good example of how important that is sometimes.

Lower Than Atlantis – Lower Than Atlantis
George (Vocals & Guitar): For me this album was one of the first albums in a long time I was genuinely excited for and its now pretty much the only cd in my car. For me this album in terms of songwriting was another step towards a more commercial sound for LTA. We really wanted our ‘A.Y.S.H’ EP to have this same step and LTA’s album helped me realize how to achieve the balance of that commercial sound while maintaining the energy of ReVerbed. It became a huge reference for me.

Sum 41 – Chuck
Joe (Bass): They are a band that have always, in my opinion, been able to write huge catchy tunes and still managed to turn it up a notch for their live shows. They are the band that impressed me the most live, and showed me the importance of energy and giving it 110% live, which is something that I think has been a major part of ReVerbed’s ethos.


Jimmy Eat World – Futures
Zoe (Vocals & Guitar): This is a band I’ve always loves and have blended pop, rock and punk perfectly together, which is something I always have hoped ReVerbed do. I love the honesty in the lyrics and they have always some how linked to to a significant point in my life, and that is something we have done with the lyrics and music in this record, we have be honest and written about the significant points in our lives. They are a band I grew up listening to a lot and inspired me in the early days, it’s these routes that brought us back together and inspired a lot of the writing during the EP.

’Another Year, Still Here EP’ by ReVerbed is out now.

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