Influences: 5 Influential New Jersey Acts by Weatherbox

Since forming 10 years, San Diego, California punk band Weatherbox have gone through countless line-up changes but with singer-songwriter Brian Warren firmly at their helm, they have gone to produce a back catalogue of thought-provoking and hook-driven songs musically expanding on every release.

Throughout the years Warren and company has toured with the likes of Say Anything, Cartel, and The Front Bottoms. Whilst this past September, Weatherbox reissued their second album, ‘The Cosmic Drama’ with bonus tracks.

For this edition of “Influences”, Brian Warren decided to focus on the East Coast state of New Jersey as he picked 5 acts from the area that he considers influences…we think?

The Cosmic Drama by Weatherbox

The Dillinger Escape Plan
This band does not interest me for the most part but their 2002 EP had Mike Patton on vocals and it really crushes. Mike Patton, of course, is most famous for defecating in Axl Rose’s orange juice in the 90’s.

David Berman from the Silver Jews once tried to get Matt Sweeney to buy crack with him in Central Park… when he refused, Berman said “That’s why you’ll always be a sideman, Sweeney… That’s why you’ll always be a sideman,” which is ridiculous because Mr. Sweeney fronted the great rock and roll band called Chavez. I heard that story from someone who heard it from someone who read it on a blog probably.

Rye Coalition
This band spent years drunkenly tiptoeing the fine line between noise rock and shit your dad listens to before diving face first into a steaming pile of Grohl.

“Everybody in the huddle, on the count of three, We gonna bum rush the tunnel, with a pound of weed”

The Front Bottoms
Of all the now gigantic bands that opened for us on the east coast six years ago, I’m glad these dudes hit the big time, I was supposed to sing on one of their songs but I wrote a vocal part that was out of my range and gave up on it…. Bummer

‘The Cosmic Drama’ by Weatherbox is out now on Topshelf Records.

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