Influences: Autumn Ruin

They say honest is the best policy and it seems Manchester’s Autumn Ruin live by it. They admit they’re no better than the endless amount of bands their hometown is producing yet they do suggest they do have better hair. Nevertheless the up-and-coming quintet do seemingly have potential. Their latest single, ‘Brave The Fall’ is an addictive slice of pure melodic alt rock that is reminscent of bands such as You Me At Six and Mallory Knox; big hooks and big harmonies.

The quintet are currently writing new material but we asked them to take some time out to tell us what influences and motivates them. We have to say the results are quite interesting…

Armed with our Nandos loyalty cards and the Nandos App on our phones, it doesn’t take long after loading in at whatever venue we’re playing at until one of us is scouting for the nearest one so we can have our pre-show ritual of hot wings and hummus! We don’t like to imagine what the show would be like if we ever had to go without, but we can only assume it would be a disaster! Some things aren’t worth the risk!

We’re convinced Alastair Dowey (Guitar) has seen every film ever made by his endless knowledge of useless movie facts & actors names, and if it’s not films it’s Games! We used to have a projector in our old practice room hooked up to an XBOX One which would turn an entire wall into a TV screen, where in-between rehearsals many Fifa Tournaments were had! and the bonds of friendship suddenly became very fragile. Ultimately though we all know it’s always the controllers fault, or if that fails… it’s just f**king bollocks.

Whilst I’m sure none of us could agree who our favourite band collectively would be, We’re all fans of similar bands which have pretty much inspired us all in different ways to make our own music. Everything from Taking Back Sunday to Tenacious D, we’ve always had a solid foundation on where the Autumn Ruin sound comes from, and we hope that one day our music will be inspire young people to start making music of their own in the same way.

Loki has an Army, The Avengers have a Hulk, and we have Rob Lafferty (Bass) – the self confessed king of banter. We all put in so much effort into our live performances and like to keep a strict professional head when it comes to getting things done, that it comes as no surprise that whenever we find ourselves with any downtime we’re all a bunch of idiots. You only have to watch one of our tour diaries to see that behind the scenes there’s rarely a dull moment. Most of which are centred around Rob. We’ve seen him naked more times than we’d like to admit, and he’s driven us nuts by being on top note when all you want to do is sleep at the hotel, but we love him all the same.

I’m not saying that we’re ladies-men – but I’d be lying if I said that we didn’t enjoy the attention, some more than others! The majority of our fanbase are female, and the loyalty of some has been nothing short of amazing. Waiting outside venues after we’ve played to get pictures with us, travelling miles to see us or even just sharing our music to their friends. One girl even created a Twitter account dedicated to our fans which we like to call Team AR! We love our fans and above anything else, they’re our biggest inspiration.

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