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Photo Credit: Satalite June
Photo Credit: Satalite June

Ever since coming together in their early teens, DeWolff have been making big strides in their native homeland of Netherlands. Now the trio of brothers’ Pablo (singer/guitarist) and Luka van de Poel (Drums) and Hammond organist Robin Piso aim to make an impact throughout the UK and Europe.

Having fine-tuned their brand of psychedelic and blues rock for over 10 years, they recently released their sixth album – ‘Thrust’. While they have maintained their vintage rock ‘n’ roll sound, its 11 songs is the trio’s most ambitious and contemporary record so far.

Recorded at the band’s very own Electrosaurus Southern Sound Studio in their adopted home of Utrecht, ‘Thrust’ ties together the band’s inexhaustible energy, great musicianship, and contagious enthusiasm. For example, ‘Once In A Blue Moon’ is a smooth, soulful wave of blues rock. While ‘Deceit & Woo’ grooves with lyrical angst as the trio target Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders aka “Dutch Trump”. Throughout there are hints of experimentation with Piso’s sumptuous organ keys merely adding to the vintage tone of ‘Thrust’.

Having grown up on a musical diet that included Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Leon Russel, and Led Zeppelin, we asked DeWolff about seven influential records that have shaped their sound for the past decade.

Jim Ford – Harlan County

When we first discovered Jim Ford, we couldn’t believe that it was such an undiscovered gem. ‘Harlan County’ is the perfect combination of country, raw soul and southern rock. Sly Stone once called him “the baddest white man on the planet”. Every song on this record is just brilliant in its very own way. ‘I’m Gonna Make Her Love Me’ being one of best, badass, dirty country funk songs of all time.

The Dawn Brothers – Stayin’ Out Late

All three of us are huge fans of The Dawn Brothers. They’re good friends of ours and that makes it even better, cause we get the chance to play together a lot. Their musicianship is incredible, and their songwriting really inspired us when we were writing the songs for our new album ‘Thrust’

Jonathan Wilson – Gentle Spirit

Jonathan Wilson is one of the greatest artists of this decade. His debut album, ‘Gentle Spirit’ is a fine blend of 70s west coast folk and psychedelica. We’ve spun this album so many times and he’s really an inspiration for us. His live shows are so intense that we consider it to be one of the best live bands of this era.

Deep Purple – Made in Japan

This is the best live album on earth. PERIOD! Deep Purple has been our inspiration since the very beginning of DeWolff, and ‘Made In Japan’ still gives us goosebumps all over. The musicianship of each member is so incredibly high it seems like they’re not from this planet. Though thinking about the stage volume of this band, I’m kinda happy we weren’t actually there. Rumour has it some people fainted during the concert because of the volume.

Little Feat – Electrif Lycanthrope

We spent hours and hours trying to play ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Doctor’ during rehearsals and soundchecks, but we never got any further than the first verse. Until one day we spent a whole rehearsal figuring out every note. We even recorded that song and put it on a 7″ record along with a Townes van Zandt tune.

Little Feat somehow manages to write incredibly difficult songs but still they can play it so easily and sexy. Listen to ‘The Fan’ on this record and you’ll know what I mean. We still have to figure out that one, by the way. We still can’t play it!

The Allman Brothers – Live at Fillmore East

I can’t even remember when I first heard this album. It feels like I’ve been hearing it since my childhood. Of course, Duane Allman is a phenomenal guitarist, and Gregg is one of the most soulful ‘blue-eyed soul’ singers. Every single note on this live album is legendary. I would sell my soul to be able to see this concert in 1971.

The Black Keys – Brothers

This is also one of these albums that’s been inspiring us since the beginning of DeWolff. It’s the incredible sound that’s still a main reference for our own albums. Since the release of ‘Brothers’, we’ve been trying to match up to the sound of that record. I think we finally came very close with ‘Thrust’.

It would be an honour to work together with Dan Auerbach someday. He produced legendary records like ‘Locked Down’ from Dr. John and ‘Let it Ride’ from The Buffalo Killers. We have so much respect for guys like Dan Auerbach, Jack White and Jonathan Wilson. Musicians who write, play, produce and really stand for what they believe in.

‘Thrust’ by DeWolff is out now on Mascot Label Group.

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