With their debut full-length ‘Portraits,’ Italian quintet Fall of Minerva have produced an alluring collection set of songs that prove to be monumental as they mould elements of post-metal, post-rock and post-hardcore together. Consistently aggressive and melodic, tracks such as ‘Beyond the Pines’ and ‘Green Ghost’ delicately ease you in before erupting with the bands brutal musical might. Whereas ‘Boundless Lands, Confined Thoughts’ and ‘Demagogy’ turn out to be a reckless onslaught of controlled chaos.

Because ‘Portraits’ takes in a range of elements in equal measure, it is clear Fall of Minerva have an intriguing mix of bands that have inspired them. So it’s no surprise for this edition of “Influences” we asked the Vicenza-based group to tell us about the bands who they consider to be their influences.


This band basically is the one that all of us have in common on our music background. Our band started with the character to have Underoath music like a “pillar” on the sound, and even if we have changed our style along the road we still carry this band deeply in our hearts.


This UK band broke up a few years ago but their music is still “alive” as a milestone in the atmospheric/post-hardcore scene.

Pianos Become The Teeth

All their album were and still are a HUGE source of inspiration to us. Even the last one, the most melodic and quite one means a lot to us. Moreover we had the pleasure to share the stage with them last October and it has been a great experience to us.

The Chariot

Here’s where we found the majority of our inspiration for the ‘noise’ side of our sound.

Norma Jean

A band we used to follow more intensively a few years ago, but that gave a lot to our music, especially in our first EP’s composition.

Cult Of Luna

We probably don’t need to say how much we are inspired by this amazing band. Just listen!

‘Portraits’ by Fall of Minerva is released on March 25th on Basick Records.

Fall of Minerva links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp|Soundcloud

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