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Some have suggested rock has no future, but then again they’ve probably not heard Not Ur Girlfrenz. The Texan trio are only in their teens yet they’re already winning over supports having worked with Bowling For Soup’s Jaret Reddick. While Vans Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman described them as “the future of women in rock or just rock in general”, giving the band the claim to be ‘the Youngest Touring Band in Warped’ in the process.

From hearing their debut EP, ‘New Kids In America’, they certainly back it up. It sees them deliver a set of upbeat, pop-punk songs with a host of hooks that are beyond their young years. Fresh off their first visit to the UK, as support for Bowling For Soup, we asked the trio about their musical influences. It’s no surprise that the band’s that have inspired Not Ur Girlfrenz are fairly modern…

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Liv Haynes (guitar and vocals): Hayley Williams is one of my all-time favourite vocalists. Her vibrato is so distinct and tight. When I first started listening to Paramore I noticed that every single one of their songs are catchy, right from the very start. I can honestly listen to them, over and over!! They will forever be one of the first bands I fell in love with and continue to fall more and more in love with every day. Plus they keep reinventing themselves which is something you have to do to be successful and they are doing an AMAZING job at it!!

My Chemical Romance

Liv Haynes: Lyrical geniuses! Their songs make you feel something. When I listened to My Chemical Romance for the first time I remember thinking how different it was than anything I had ever heard. They took risks. Gerard Way’s stage presence was captivating. There was an energy that I felt when listening to them that made me feel happy, a little dangerous, and invincible. Their music is loud and raw, yet so well thought out. And I would love to someday write a concept album as they did. When I was little, my favourite subject in school was always “writing” and it still is today. Plus a big part of what we do is storytelling, so why not makeup one big story?

Twenty One Pilots

Gigi Haynes (bass): I love the new album, ‘Trench’ and how each of their albums have a concept. The programming and sound effects are super intense. I especially love Tyler Joseph’s bass line for ‘Jumpsuit’. It’s so cool and catchy! And, they’re a two-piece! Not many bands can say that and pull it off. Somehow, they’ve found a way to blend cool digital sounds with rock.

Fall Out Boy

Gigi Haynes: Pete Wentz inspires me as a bassist and a songwriter. I like how grand and super epic their songs are. I think they win the world record for the ‘most songs with the longest song titles’. Plus, what could be more inspiring than having one of your biggest musical influences tweet out that your cover of his song is “rad!”?

Thirty Seconds to Mars

Maren Alford (drums): Thirty Seconds to Mars are honestly revolutionary. Jared Leto writes incredible lyrics that sound like poetry, Shannon Leto, their drummer, has an extremely unique style that’s mesmerizing to both watch and listen to, and they have incredible stage presence.

Even though their sound has changed a lot over the years, they’ve always been able to stay current and stay true to themselves. I’ve never heard anyone that sounds like Thirty Seconds to Mars and that’s something that you don’t come across very often. They went from teaching themselves instruments and using anything they could find to create music, to playing huge sold out shows all across the world. Their story is inspiring and so is their music.

Foo Fighters

Maren Alford: Two words for Foo Fighters – Absolutely Amazing. They’ve become a staple in the music world and they’re constantly reinventing themselves. Both Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins inspire me as a drummer with their unique and different styles of drumming. I just can’t even believe my eyes watching them play. Not only are they incredible musicians, but they also know how to always have fun and enjoy themselves. That’s something that I admire a lot because if you’re not enjoying yourself then why do it? I’ve been listening to Foo Fighters for years and I know that if I ever got to meet them in person I’d probably faint.

‘New Kids in America’ by Not Ur Girlfrenz is out now on Frenzone Records.

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