Influences: Ocasan

Milton Keynes-based pop-rock trio Ocasan have been going strong for over 10 years now and are set to release a new single, ‘Camden Casualty’ this Friday. With past releases showed their diverse sound, ‘Camden Casualty’ takes a more stripped down rock direction with tight hooks and an upbeat tempo.

Having heard the single and read the bands influences, we’re excited to hear what Ocasan have lined up for the future. But for now, take a read of who has inspired the trio…

Jimmy Eat World – Bleed America
I would say our new single has some serious Jimmy Eat World vibes. The backing vocals in the second verse and chorus groove is very reminiscent of ‘The Authority Song’. There was no initial intention to mimic. Like most of our songs we finish them and say “Oh crap! it sounds like (insert band name)” …then nine times out of ten there’s a short pause, followed by “it’s just like (insert band name)!.. F**king awesome!” There are so many great tracks on ‘Bleed America’!

The Police – Reggatta de Blanc
Most of our reggae influence comes from The Police. You wont hear it in our new single ‘Camden Casualty’ but the rest of our material is littered in reggae chops. Everyone knows Copeland is the bomb! Nick’s clean, delay ridden guitar parts make you feel like you’re playing with Andy Summers himself. We’ve been dubbed the “Heavy Police” and I’m not ashamed to say we’re very proud of that title. Long live the power trio.

Reuben – Racecar is Racecar Backwards
Possibly one of our favourite albums. This was a record we listened to in our teens and reignited the flame when Bear joined Ocasan. We loved it so much in fact that, just for shits, we started Los Skeletos. Donning black morph suits we set up a show and preformed all of the Reuben favourites. We’re not one for tribute bands but this was a lot of fun. It did so well that we’ve been asked to play again on December 18th and 19th. Rumours are still going around that it’s actually Reuben so ssshhhh! Don’t give the game away! You can see us performing as Los Skeletos here.

Audioslave – Audioslave
This is always one for the road. Whenever we step onto the tour bus there’s nothing like a bit of ‘Cochise’ to help you get hyped. We love those big riffs and seriously neglected them on our first album. Time to bring them back!

Weezer – Weezer (the Green Album)
We often come back to ‘Hash Pipe’ when listening back in the studio. This track is raunchy as hell and we love the feel. It only really came about after recording our last single ‘Kuma’. Lots of people walking into the studio saying “duuuuuude! Sounds like Weezer, awesome!” Since then its been our go-to album.

‘Camden Casualty’ by Ocasan is released on Friday September 25th.

Ocasan will play a single release show at the London Garage on October 5th. Tickets are available here.

Ocasan links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|YouTube


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