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Oso Oso

Oso Oso

Back in 2017, Oso Oso (aka Jade Lilitri) quietly released ‘The Yunahon Mixtape’. Overlooked by some, admired by others, the album leaned on a 00’s indie sound with a hint of Weezer. Nevertheless, it saw the Long Island native present a pessimistic narrative of heartbreak, hope, and pain.

This week Lilitri returns with its follow up. ‘Basking In The Glow’ continues the pessimistic outlook yet there’s a light full of optimism at the end of it all. It sees Jade looking inward, making the album one of his most personal to date. Musically, it’s considerably more concise with big choruses popping up on song such as ‘The View’, ‘A Morning Song’ and ‘Wake Up Next To God’. While ‘Dig’ and ‘Priority Change’ have an admirable breezy quality with a sentimental hint. Ultimately, ‘Basking In The Glow’ allows Lilitri to explore, and at times, balance out, the light and the dark of everyday life.

Having written a collection of emotional and textured songs, we recently spoke to Jade to find out about the songs that he considers influential.

Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place

“Never for money, always for love.”

Let’s start this thing off with the most essential. This is my number 1 favourite song of all time. I think the first time I ever heard this song was while watching the movie ‘Lars And The Real Girl’. I don’t know if whoever is reading this has ever seen that movie, but it’s a fantastic scene and for me was a great introduction to the song. Also, I share a great bond with my mom over this song, so that’s cute.

The Sidekicks – Day Staring

“Feels like I am more than the things I occupy myself with.”

I remember seeing the sidekicks live at The FEST in Gainesville in 2012 and they closed out the night at this tightly packed venue called The Atlantic with this song. It was like a crazy out of body experience. When I got home after the fest my life was pretty weird and displaced for a few months because of this bad hurricane (Hurricane Sandy) and I remember kind of holding onto to that experience for some euphoric day-dreaming – or day staring.

Tamia – So Into You

“I can’t really explain it, I’m so into you.”

I once got to tour with my friend’s band in Europe in like 2016 and it was a totally awesome experience that all seems like a blur. One memory I have vividly though is us playing this song in the greenroom and having like a mini dance party right before we went on stage. Some lady asked us, “Is this how you emo bands get pumped up in America?”

Weatherbox – Youtube The Clouds

“That was me, so you were never alone really. So wrap your brains round the bomb, hold me tight in your arms.”

Weatherbox has always been a super formative, super holy band to me, this song especially. It takes me somewhere else literally every time I listen to it. I actually have just the name of it tattooed on the back of my left shoulder, I think it’s my favourite tattoo.

Saintseneca – Acid Rain

“I feel connected to something strange and strong.”

I love this song because it will always remind me of falling in love. I will always remember waking up at 6 am one morning and receiving a playlist in a text and this song kicked it off. I think I just sat there with a cup of coffee and a bowl and played this song on repeat over and over and over.

Mazzy Star – Fade Into You

“I think it’s strange you never knew.”

This is perhaps the most beloved song universally on this list. My relationship with this song goes like this. In 2015, I was getting ready to go on tour and needed some cash. My friend got me this gig at this place called the Long Beach Hotel playing covers acoustic and singing for two hours. This was like the first time in my life I ever had to learn so many chords and lyrics for songs I wasn’t too moved by or really loved, and I kinda hated it. That being said, ‘Fade Into You’ by Mazzy Star was really a joy to play, and I wish I could’ve played it for two hours straight that night.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – The Sweets

“This sound’s on your side.”

I love this album (‘Show Your Bones’) so much. Favourite night-time drive album on tour and when this song comes on in the record it really hits hard. This is possibly the most beautiful, heart-wrenching, lovesick song I’ve ever heard and I love it forever.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – I Could Die For You

“wander with me yo, it’s all for free.”

C’mon now, I don’t wanna hear any Chili Peppers slander. This is 100% my vibe – top of the heap songwriting for me.

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‘Basking In The Glow’ by Oso Oso is released on 16th August on Triple Crown Records.

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