Interview: Bad Sign

“We really need to keep that sense of community in the alternative music scene.”

Since their formation in 2013, Bad Sign haven’t really had a chance to catch their breath, but for bassist and vocalist Joe Appleford that is exactly how they like things. Having just come off the back of a four date European stint with Hacktivist, the heavy rocking three-piece are not slowing down with their focus fully on getting out their debut full-length in the New Year.

A relaxed and open Appleford tells Already Heard that the new record will be a step into the unknown, but one that the trio are excited about taking.

“We wanted to push ourselves in every aspect to bring out the best in ourselves as we can,” explains Appleford. “The new record feels like it is a few steps forward for us and it is a natural progression. It is designed to further move our career on. We have written this record with the live aspect in mind, and the idea is that they are to be performed in bigger venues.”

The band have given listeners a first taste of this new direction with recent single ‘Closure’ which they have also produced a video for. It’s something Appleford said that Bad Sign wanted to use as a way to show a different side to the band, which many people associate with their big heavy riff. He added “’Closure’ is kind of the first statement of the new record which is set to come out next year. It still maintains some of the more riffy elements that people know us for, but I also think it shows a progression.

For the video, we wanted to use a homosexual couple in it because it is so strange to me that people in the day and age still have negative feelings towards some social groups like homosexuals and transgender. I think it came as a bit of a shock for us to come out and do something like this, to people who perceive us as just a big riff rock band.

I wanted us to make a clear statement and show our support saying that people can live their lives however they want.”

For Bad Sign, it is this element of surprise that they believe helps them stand out from a crowd and being the band which doesn’t necessarily fit a specific genre has helped them gain recognition across the board.

“It is a massive advantage that we don’t necessarily sound like anyone else,” Appleford continues. “Obviously we have influences like everyone does, but our overall sound has become more apparent to us that we don’t really fit in with anyone else. I think on the merit, it shows that we actually give a fuck about what we do and take pride in the music that we produce.

I think people are starting to really connect to our music and we are finding that we are having some great success on that front. I love playing with all different types of bands, it doesn’t really matter to us we just want to play and get our music out there.”

When the three-piece came together they went off a 26 date tour straight off the bat, and it is this mentality of forming a community in the alternative music scene is something the band holds dear. Having all met when they were 14-years-old, it is this element of networking and making friends that Appleford believes should be kept at the heart of everything they do.

“The sense of community is the very foundation of where we came from,” added Bad Sign’s vocalist. “I think it is very important that bands stick together as some bands can be quite stand-offish and I have never understood that. For me, the first thing I do is get to a venue is introduce myself to the other bands, because at the end of the day we are in it together. We should look out for another. One of the main things I tried and do is actively seek out new bands because we really need to keep that sense of community in the alternative music scene.”

The new year is already set to be a busy year for Bad Sign, with the release of their debut full-length and most extensive touring on the band’s schedule.

‘Intermission’ and ‘Closure’ by Bad Sign are available now on Basick Records.

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Bad Sign will be touring with Hacktivist alongside Zoax this month.

Words by Tim Birkbeck.


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