Interview: Deference

The South Coast city of Southampton has a knack for being a musical hotbed for UK talent. If it’s not hosting bands at the Guildhall, Joiners or Talking Heads, it’s producing stellar bands like Bury Tomorrow. Deference look to follow in their footsteps.

The metal five piece formed 12 months ago and quickly got to work on their debut EP. The end result was ‘XXXVII’, five cuts of technical, heavy riffs, roaring, aggressive vocals and thick breakdowns that are delivered with intent. Since its release in March, the quintet have played shows with the likes of Palm Reader and Lock & Key fine tuning their sound along the way.

With work on a second EP set to start soon, Already Heard spoke to guitarist Matt Dennison to learn more about Deference; their history, influences, future plans and more.

AH: Let’s kick off with an easy one. What’s the backstory on Deference?
Matt: So we’ve been a band in some form or another for about three years but we have only been Deference for just over a year and as the current line-up for less than six months! But we couldn’t be more happy and are stronger than ever and looking forward to what the future holds!

AH: Earlier this year you released your debut EP, ‘XXXVII’. For those who have yet to hear it why should they stop what they’re doing and give it a listen?
Matt: The EP has something for everyone, it’s heavy, angry, fast with epic sections and soaring choruses.

AH: From hearing the EP, I have the feeling that you’re influenced by a range of metal and hardcore bands?
Matt: Yeah definitely, some of our major influences are bands like Architects, Oh Sleeper, While She Sleeps and Parkway Drive. We really enjoy bands who are doing something a little bit different and creating something unique. But we have a wide range of influences as a band and we all listen to lots of music.

AH: One track that I want to discuss is ‘Become Death’. I feel it brings down the mood of the EP with it’s slow burning pace and explosive conclusion. What was the idea behind that track?
Matt: Well not many people know this, but the EP actually tells the story of a man who essentially brings about the end of the world through one of his own creations. ‘Become Death’ is the part of the story where he comes to the realisation of what he has done and how much death and destruction he has caused.

AH: Since the release of the EP, I hear you’ve been writing material for its follow and you’re heading to the studio in January. What can you tell us about the new tracks?
Matt: I know every band always says “the new tracks are heavier” but, the new tracks are heavier! However we have tried to play to our strengths and really define “our sound”. So there’s lots of heavy, fast and aggressive sections, but there are also a lot more epic and melodic sections and songs as we really want to make the listener feel something when they hear the new tracks!

AH: However before you do that you’re releasing a video for ‘Devils Duplicate’. Can you talk us through the track and the video?
Matt: ‘Devils Duplicate’ is one of the faster songs off the EP and the video will definitely compliment that. The song is basically a call to arms for people to stand up for what they think is right even if it goes against what you’ve been taught.


AH: You’ve also played alongside bands like Our Hollow Our Home, Palm Reader, Lock & Key, and Falling With Style. Has playing with these bands helped influenced the new material in any way?
Matt: Playing with these bands has made us step up our game when it comes to performing live and our songwriting. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to be the best band we can possibly be, whether it’s writing great songs or putting on the best show possible, we’re always thinking of ways it could be better.

AH: The metal and metalcore scene is full of up-and-coming bands trying to get to that next level. What do you think makes Deference stand out from the crowd?
Matt: We’re not you’re standard metalcore band, nor do we want to be. We try to create music with a unique sound where people can instantly recognise that it’s a Deference song and we’re passionate about putting on a performance and hopefully leaving a lasting impression on people. Also all of our music is essentially a concept about humanity destroying itself and the earth and the aftermath as people have to come to terms with what has happened.

AH: Any final comments to share with the Already Heard readers?
Matt: We just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s checked us out and supported us so far and we’re really pushing ourselves to be the best that we can be!

‘XXXVII’ by Deference is available now and can be downloaded for free from Bandcamp.

Deference links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp|Instagram

Words by Sean Reid (@SeanReid86)


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