Interview: Diamond Days

With names such as Kids In Glass Houses and The Blackout disappearing from the UK rock scene in recent years and You Me At Six finding a home in arenas nationwiDe, a whole host of bands have been queuing up to fill the void left over. One of those is Liverpudlian quartet Diamond Days.

Having formed in 2013, the four-piece have been honing a vibrant, hook-driven rock sound through a series of singles and their 2014 debut EP ‘We’ve Come A Long Way.’ Now after playing shows when and where ever possible, Diamond Days have returned with a new single called ‘People Change.’ The track shows a different side to the bands arsenal by taking a ballad-esque, reflective route with stirring guitars and a bold, anthemic chorus to boot. ‘People Change’ is the first glimpse of the bands second EP which promises to be “bigger and stronger.”

With a new chapter in the bands career on the horizon, we spoke to Vocalist and Guitarist Alex Fearn to discuss ‘People Change,’ their second EP, leaving a lasting impression and more.

AH: For many Diamond Days are pretty unknown yet you’ve been active since 2014 when you released your debut EP – ‘We’ve Come A Long Way.’ What has been happening in the DD camp over the past 18 months?
Alex: To be honest we have been getting out there and gigging outside of our home town, playing all over the UK to meet our fans and gain a larger fan base. We have released two singles since the original EP and are now recording our next EP which we are extremely excited about.

AH: So you’re about to release a new single called ‘People Change.’’ First of all how does it differ to the bands older material?
Alex: Well, the clue to this one is in the title of the track, if all of our music sounded the same we would be fighting a losing battle. As people we grow and so does our music. This track is different in the sense that it is more of a ballad. It shows that we don`t just write catchy bangers that make you want to run towards traffic! We can really write songs that connect with people and we are confident that this track will show that side of us.

AH: Lyrically what is the track about?
Alex: It’s about the way people change their clothes each and every day… just kidding! It’s about the way people can often promise the world and say that they will change. But this won’t always last for long as they slip back into their usual ways.

AH: With a new EP in the works too, is ‘People Change’ the start of a new chapter for Diamond Days?
Alex: This is definitely a new chapter for us, ‘We’ve Come A Long Way’ was about showing everybody who we are and what we want to do. Our more recent tracks show that we are doing it.

AH: Going back to the EP, what can we expect from it?
Alex: Our new tracks will be bigger and stronger songs that will overpower our last EP. We feel our sound has matured and ‘People Change’ is just a taster of what Diamond Days is going to show the world.

AH: We’ll admit we’re always being told about up and coming UK bands who are compared to bands such as You Me At Six and Young Guns. With so many bands with a similar sound, does it make it difficult for you to leave a lasting impression?
Alex: These bands are fantastic influences for us and if they didn’t exist, we wouldn’t sound the way we do. At the same time, we are never going to be a carbon copy of these artists. It’s always going to be hard to sound different from other bands who inspire you. What I have found is that our personal influences are very different but they work well together and that’s what gives us our own sound.

AH: Over the past year or so you’ve played shows with Metro Station, Motion City Soundtrack, The Blackout, and Fearless Vampire Killers. How have they helped shaped the new material?
Alex: I wouldn’t say that they have helped shape our material. However, I can promise you that gigging with these bands has developed us as artists. We take something from each and every experience and use it. That’s exactly why, when you watch us live it will never be exactly the same twice. If it was the same then you would be better staying at home and playing a CD. We take pride in our live shows, you should come and check us out more than once so we can show you exactly what we mean.

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Words by Sêan Reid (@SeanReid86)


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