Interview: New Years Day (Slam Dunk Fest Preview)

Over the coming days and weeks, Already Heard will be previewing this years Slam Dunk Festival in detail through a range of interviews and features.

If you’ve been following the career of California hard rockers New Years Day in recent years, then you’ll know they are quickly calling the UK a second home. Led by Ash Costello, the self-proclaimed “Hauntedmansioncore” band will be back on these shores shortly for the Slam Dunk Festival where they will be headlining the “Fresh Blood” stage.

Although they’ve gained plenty of festival experience on both sides of the Atlantic, this will be the bands Slam Dunk debut. As one of current standouts in the “New Grave” scene, NYD will be bringing their brand of grandoise and dark hard rock to Slam Dunk with the charismatic Costello sure to turn a few heads with her smooth vocals and looks. But don’t be fooled by thinking this is a one woman show, as recent cuts such as ‘Alone’ and ‘Save Myself from Me’ contain some satisfactory riffery.

Before they return to the UK once again, we grabbed a quick word with Ash Costello to get her thoughts on New Years Day’s Slam Dunk debut, the pressure of headlining a stage and more.

AH: This is going to be your first time playing Slam Dunk. What have you been told about the festival and what are your expectations from it?
Ash: I’ve been told that it’s INSANE! That the amount of people who go is off the charts and the energy is unreal!

AH: It doesn’t feel like five minutes since we last saw you over here with Motionless in White. What is it about the UK that makes you keep coming back?
I feel like the UK right now is really embracing rock and roll, especially our kind of rock and roll. We are showman and love to dress up and showcase who we are and the UK is loving it right now!

AH: You’re going to be headlining the “Fresh Blood” stage. Does being headliners add any pressure on you?
Ash: We don’t feel pressure at all. All we feel is a lot of excitement to get there and share our energy with the Slam Dunk crowd.

AH: With many notable names playing across various stages, who will you be going out of your way to see at Slam Dunk?
Ash: Panic at the Disco is my main priority!

AH: Having played festivals on both sides of the Atlantic, what are your essential festival tips?
Be prepared for any and all types of weather. Jackets, sunblock, rain boots, sun glasses and umbrellas.

New Years Day will be playing on Fresh Blood stage:
Slam Dunk North (Leeds) – 8:20 – 9:05pm
Slam Dunk Midlands (Birmingham) – 8:20 – 9:05pm
Slam Dunk South (Hertfordshire) – 8:20 – 9:05pm

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’Malevolence’ by New Years Day is out now on Another Century.

New Years Day links: Facebook|Twitter

Words by Sêan Reid (@SeanReid86)


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