Interview: Rozwell Kid

In a time when the doom and gloom of the world seems to be dominating the headlines, it is sometimes harder to see the lighter side of life. Even in the musical world, artists seem to be using the political climate and the state of the world to influence their music nowadays.

Enter Rozwell Kid, the West Virginia, four-piece’s music has always been one which can easily lift your spirit and their new record ‘Precious Art’ is no different.

“I think of Rozwell Kid as an escape. I want people to come to a show or listen to a record and just have a good-ass time for 30-50 minutes,” vocalist/guitarist Jordan Hudkins tells Already Heard. “Sure, there are sombre themes in the lyrics, but I don’t want anything to feel hopeless. Even if I’m writing about a shitty situation, I try to find a reason to think things will be OK… even if it’s just a self-deprecating joke that makes me laugh in a moment of anguish.”

The new record, the band’s fourth full-length since forming back in 2011, and is full of catchy hooks, shredding guitar riffs and upbeat rhythms which will just make your heart sing. It is an album crafted for the summertime and it seems a perfect time for the band to release their latest material.

“I love melody. I love catchy melodies,” continues Hudkins. “There’s a lot of nostalgia peppered into and meandering through this record.”

For Hudkins, ‘Precious Art’ is a fond look back at the past and looking back to a simpler time in life, and this is what he believes can make the record so relatable to his audience, as everyone – especially now – seems to look back on what they have done in the past with good memories.

He added: “I’ve been inspired by childhood memories and obsessions in the past, but I seemed to come back to them more often on this record.

"I suppose that’s a reaction that comes with age, romanticising the past and finding comfort in simpler ideas.”

Even though the themes of the record may be made in the past, its craft is certainly in the present and showcases just how the band has grown in the six years they have been together. Hudkins adds: “We’ve all grown as musicians throughout Rozwell Kid’s ‘career.’ We’ve also grown as human beings from the sheer amount of new people and places we’ve encountered and the lasting influence they’ve had on our lil’ brains. I’ve also grown up a pant size.”

For Rozwell Kid when they first burst onto the scene with their self-titled LP, there was instantly the comparison to Weezer, and even in ‘Precious Art’ you can hear that influence ringing out. But Hudkins believes as much as a compliment it is to be compared to Rivers Cuomo and co, he thinks Rozwell Kid are by no means Weezer 2.0.

“All of us are Weezer fans, so we take it as a compliment. However, I think the comparison is a bit lazy,” continues the vocalist. “People say things like ‘Wow, you have catchy melodies in your music like Weezer’ or ‘Oh man, you play guitar solos like Weezer’. Maybe if I stopped wearing glasses people would say we sound like Superdrag. I can’t deny the influence that Weezer has had on my taste and songwriting, but I think we’re doing things that put us in a realm of our own.”

But is seems that the main thing for the four-piece is to just go put their music out into the world, and have fun with it. Hudkins said: “We give it 110 per cent and just have a good time playing rock and roll music with our friends in front of however many people happen to show up. We strive to be efficient, tight, loud and entertaining.”

‘Precious Art’ by Rozwell Kid is out now on SideOneDummy.

Rozwell Kid links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Tim Birkbeck (@tim_birkbeck)


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