Interview: Textures

It’s been a while since Dutch tech metal masters Textures have bestowed some new material unto their beloved fans. Well, now the wait is over. With ‘Phenotype’ on the horizon, the excitement begins to build with what Textures will be delivering in a studio capacity and a live capacity alike.

Having always traversed between the heavy and melodic, Textures’ material has always been knowing for exploring the extreme side of metal, whilst digressing towards the more mellow side as well (sometimes within a matter of seconds). With crushing screams and angelic cleans combining with technical guitar and drum work, the band stand among great company such as Tesseract, Periphery and SikTh. The song ‘Shaping a Grain of Sand’ from the new record and ‘Awake’ from 2008s ‘Silhouettes’ are prime examples of the band’s diverse approach to music.

Already Heard managed to get a few words with the band prior to the new release, and with ‘Genotype’ already scheduled for next year and a new guitarist on duty, there can only be more excitement coming our way. The heavy-hitters from Tilburg have always delivered in a significant way, and as far as we are concerned we are glad to have them back, active in the scene that has missed them so much.

AH: Your new album ‘Phenotype’ is to be released next week, how does it feel to have an imminent release after a long break?
Textures: Just wonderful, it`s been too long.

AH: Speaking of the album, what were your influences for the name and the music and how do you think it differs from your previous work?
We were always interested in biology and how things come together in nature. Phenotype is a term which you`ll encounter if you were to study DNA/Genetic codes.

The musical influences were bands such as Tool, Gojira, Karnivool, At The Gates, early Sepultura…Also lots of film music/scores and contemporary minimal music.

‘Phenotype’ is heavier, faster and more complex musically than our previous album ‘Dualism’. However, it doesn’t mean that it`s less accessible. It`s probably way more hooky and catchy….more than ever.

AH: With ‘Phenotype’ being released this year and ‘Genotype’ arriving next year, how will the two albums differ? Will there be a theme?
Textures: ‘Genotype’ is way more eclectic than ‘Phenotype’. It`s a 40 minute long song, first time for the band that we`re going to release an album which is one long track. Some musical themes from ‘Phenotype’ will reappear in ‘Genotype’ but in a much more subtle way, they would be arranged differently. They would be almost like little clues you`ll have to find.

The overall concept of both albums is that the environment, climates and the society you grew up in are embedded in your DNA and therefore will always have an effect on you and your choices in life.

AH: What’s it been like working with Joe Tal as opposed to the previous guitarist? How did his influences inspire the new album?
Textures: ur former guitar player Jochem was more of a music producer, of course he was a great guitar player but musical production became his main thing over the years while Joe is what you would call an educated guitar player. He has a masters degree in music and he loves his Zappa and his Death Metal. Jochem was busy with production so therefore with the years he wrote less for the band. Joe brought a lot of music to the table in the last 3 years, he tries unashamedly to push the band in a heavier direction. There are also a few guitar solos on the new album, something we didn`t hear in Textures for a while.

AH: You’ve announced a couple of UK shows this year including UK Tech Metal Fest, will there be any further announcements?
Textures: Yes, there will be. Unfortunately I can`t confirm anything yet, just wait a week or two.

AH: What bands in the scene have really impressed you recently? Any hidden gems some of us may not be aware of?
Textures: Well, enjoying a few new songs from Obscura. That`s about it I’m afraid.

AH: What advice would you give to all the bands who are inspired by you guys?
Find your own voice, being influenced by a band is of course fine but it would be a shame if you`d sound like someone else. Stay inspired!

AH: Finally, what does music mean to you personally?
Textures: Music is what I do, it`s work but it`s also a lover and a friend. It takes your energy and it gives you energy at the same time. Music is the best!

‘Phenotype’ by Textures is out now through Nuclear Blast. ‘Genotype’ will be released in 2017.

Textures will be playing The Underworld, London on 25th Feb and UK Tech Fest in July.

Textures links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Andy May.


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