Interview: Three Days Grace

If you’ve been drifting through the rock scene for a while there’s no doubt you’ll have heard of Three Days Grace. Whether you’ve listened to them in passing or have been a fan for years, the name is there. Formed officially back in 1997, the band from Ontario, Canada now have five official studio albums under their belt.

Their most recent album ‘Human’, saw the addition of Matt Walst (brother of bassist Brad). The My Darkest Days vocalist replaced frontman Adam Gontier after his surprising departure in 2013.

The quartet are heading across the pond to rock the stages of the UK this month and bassist Brad Walst spoke to Already Heard about the tour, ‘Human’, the addition of brother Matt and more.

AH: You’re set to return to the UK soon for a short run of shows. Is there anything in particular you look forward to when touring in the UK?
Brad: I look forward to seeing Manchester again. Last time we were there we had some good times. Too many pints….but a good time!

AH: What’s the reception like from fans when you return to the UK?
Brad: We are really excited to come back and see our UK fans. There was such a long period of time where we didn’t play the UK. Now it seems we are coming every year. UK fans have a great vibe about them. The energy is always amazing!

AH: Would you say you’ve maintained the classic 3DG sound and image with the new album?
Brad: Yes I would. We really went back to our roots with ‘Human’. For this record we went back to writing everything on Acoustic guitars first and then bringing it to the studio. Our first record and ‘One X’ were written that way so we felt this would give us that “old school” sound we were looking for. Also working with Gavin Brown, who produced our debut CD and had a huge influence in ‘One X,’ was a big part in getting back to 3DG basics.

AH: Since introducing a new vocalist, has the general reception been accepting?
Brad: The reception has been amazing! I think we all knew that something special was happening right after the very first show with Matt back in January 2013. Matt being my brother and a part of the 3DG family since the beginning really gives a great chemistry within the band. Matt was also a co-writher on previous albums, so writing with him is very easy and natural. We are very excited for the future of 3DG with Matt Walst in it!

AH: Has Matt had to alter the way he sings compared to his vocal work with My Darkest Days?
I think his voice has naturally changed since joining. For one 3DG is a lot heavier than My Darkest Days so I think that he had to sing with a lot more aggression right from the beginning. Also a lot of our melodies are pretty high in range. So that was something he had to get used to. To be honest he just keeps getting better and better.

AH: Would you say that ‘Human’ is just as emotionally fuelled as your previous work?
Brad: I would say that ‘Human’ is one of our most emotional records. We have gone through a lot in the last few years. There has been a lot of changes in our musical and personal worlds. I really think this reflected on the overall sound and vibe of the record. Obviously we all mature and change through the years, some for good and some for bad. I am so glad we have an outlet where we can express our emotions. I wouldn’t change a thing.

AH: As a band, do you have a favourite track from the new record?
Brad: For me my favourite is ‘I Am Machine.’ It is one of the heaviest tracks from ‘Human’ which I love but the message also really hits home for me. I tend to let my mind take over a lot and sometimes I feel like I am not living in the moment. Just going through life like a robot. This track actually reminds me to stop and take a look around.

AH: Which new music releases have you been digging throughout 2015?
Brad: One of my favourite releases so far is the new Bring Me the Horizon’s ‘Thats the Spirit’. I love the way they have progressed lyrically and with the production. This record feels innovative to me. We like to crank this up before our shows.

AH: Any big plans under wraps for 2016?
Brad: We have been going non stop since January 2013. So I think a little break is in order. After UK/Europe and Russia we will take a breather to re-energize. We may do a handful of festivals in the summer. By fall we should be working on another record and do it all over again.

13th The Ritz, Manchester
14th Garage, Glasgow
15th The Forum, London

‘Human’ by Three Days Grace is out now on RCA Records.

Three Days Grace links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Words by Phoebe Messenger (@kangaezu_ni)


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