Last Hounds Share New Single (‘Bubbles’)

Last Hounds

Midlands punks Last Hounds have returned with a new single titled ‘Bubbles‘ through Venn Records.

Having previously carved out a hardcore-tinged sound, the Birmingham quintet looks to embrace the “crossover punk” tag that their fans have given them.

“We are trying to blur the lines between genres and actually forge a new musical path. A term that has been coined by our fans is “Crossover Punk” and actually, that’s probably the best way to describe us, it really is open to personal interpretation,” explained Last Hounds vocalist Mikey Selcher.

“As much as we are a balls-out punk band with a lot to say about the shit going on around us, we take a lot of influences from the sounds and cultures of different genres like Hardcore, Hip-Hop, Grunge, Nu-Metal etc. As a band, we are all influenced by music, irrespective of genre, that slaps you in the face and physically makes you stop and listen. ‘Does it have groove, yep we dig it! Does it make you want to move your feet, yep, we’re into it. Shit son, that breakdown slaps, love it!’”

With its urgent energy being erupted by fleeting nonchalant moments, ‘Bubbles’ definitely sees Last Hounds stretching their creative urges. The title was initially inspired by Selcher simply watching bubbles float and pop in the air, yet the track takes a deeper meaning.

“We all live our lives in our own little bubbles. Sometimes they’re a fantasy or escape, other times we’re trapped in bubbles that aren’t always healthy for us, whether they are toxic relationships, soul-destroying jobs or social isolation,” said Mikey. “As humans, we’re often terrified of change. Bubbles is a song about taking action and having the confidence to implement changes within yourself to forge a better life, whilst uniting everyone else around you to do the same. Break the bubble!”

Last Hounds released their debut album, ‘Burden’, in 2021.


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